Monday, 29 September 2008

This Is.. Show Off Time

I've struggled with this week's theme from Katie. I can't come up with a plum thing. I could have stockpiled all my garbage bin treasure, but - as if I could have waited that long!

I don't have any amazing talents. Unless making a mess counts? I don't have any awe-inspiring collections. I'm not related to anyone famous. And I certainly don't have world record breaking anythings.
So what am I going to show off..? Good question my friends. Good question.

For now I'm still brainstorming..!

Anyway, consuming thoughts at the moment are with the stencil-along I signed up for so enthusiastically with Hoppo Bumpo. I've still not started - but that's not for lack of trying. I tried to purchase the enigmatic freezer paper locally, and you can't blame a girl for trying because - I just wanted to start then and there.. But here's the conversation that ensued (and please keep in mind, I know the woman who owns the shop):

Me: "Do you stock freezer paper?"
Shopgirl: "No. What do you want it for?"
Me: "I want to do some stencilling."
SG: "Oh well we don't have freezer paper, but you can just use baking paper."
Me: Silence. Dead stony silence. "Really?" Madly thinking - hmm, I've been reading all the blogs and no one has mentioned baking paper and really it would make sense to use it if you could - but you know, I just don't think that baking paper is going to fuse with the fabric... Hmmm. "Hmm, ok."
SG: "Or else we have some plastic stuff you can use."
Me: Re-thinking this phone call. Really - why did I bother? I should just get organised and buy it online and hurry the heck up. Then wondering how I can get out of this diplomatically. Decide that I will just play along. I know baking paper is not the key! "Ok, that's great, I'll try the baking paper (not in a million years)."

Seriously peeps, if you don't know about something - don't pretend you do. I am totally clueless about stencils, but have been madly reading blogs trying to get the lowdown. At least I am honest, can you imagine the debacle I would find myself in using baking paper. HA!

On the research front, I've found this cool website choc full of free stencils.. Is this cheating? Am I meant to be designing my own? Because if I design my own, things are going to get ugly. Real ugly. I mean even uglier than if I used baking paper.

Who wouldn't want this on a t-shirt? Or this woman who seems intent on letting everyone smell her armpits? Can someone tell me what's happened to this man's *ahem* appendage?
Anyway, the freezer paper is winging its way to me. I may be able to redeem myself yet. But let's not hold our breath.


Jogirl said...

Hey there, my god are you reading my mind..I would love to do this as well, but have not a goddamed clue what the hell freezer paper is..would you mind sharing you source? Cheers, Jogirl

Cass said...

You can get freezer paper in Sydney from The Remnant Warehouse at Alexandria or from Craft Depot at Pennant Hills

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Baking paper? Hmmm ... that's only slightly better than telling you to try out Glad Wrap. No really, it won't stick to your iron.

I like the free stencils site. After mucking about this evening with images, I think it looks a lot saner than trying to do your own! Mind you I wouldn't be putting that football player stencil on anything!

cindy said...

Wow that footballer is ready to shoot some goals. I love the school holiday shop assistants!

nomes said...

Funny i was thinking the same thing. you know how we all have that space in the house that could use a little tissing up with a you just gave me a great idea! don't you go changin

Michelle said...

Another cracker post! A perfect example of showing off - your splendid wit.

PS Soule Mama has a chapter on freezer paper in her book - she gets the little ones to draw the design - looks really cute.

Sarah L said...

I have used clear contact - the stuff you cover school books in for stencils in the past ( i just used normal paint with fabric medium and got fairly decent clean cut lines that have lasted through numerous washes) and there was a post about on craftster about using a certain type of wrapper from copying paper.

CurlyPops said...

Hmmmm if you don't actually know then why not just admit it. Imagine if you went to all the trouble of cutting a stencil out of baking paper!

mellimoomoo said...

I also read the soulemama post... and thought what is freezer paper??? I'm clearly not a good freezing/baking type of mum if I have to ask this. Hope you can work it out for us all! and, as usual, your post made me laugh - thank you!!