Friday, 31 October 2008

Auf Weidersehen Blogtoberfast - Danke Big Cat

Boo! Probably gave you a fright, huh? Yes, well it is Halloween and that's the extent of my involvement. Boogedy Boogedy BOO!

So Blogtoberfest is drawing to a close today. Big thanks to Big Cat the brainchild and the hostess, without her, there would be no Blogtoberfest - and wouldn't that have left the world a cold, dark and thoroughly un-bloggy place. Yes. It's been a challenge, but I'm glad I took BC up on the offer - thanks for letting me play!

And thanks to Curlypops, the Adriana Xenides of Blogtoberfest. Without her, there would have been no reliable way of gambling your modem speed away by entering as many competitions as possible.

Thanks also to Flossy-P, the creative genius behind the logo (see it over there - last days, click it while you still can!).
Of course - who could forget BellGirl for her witty scoop of the weeks? Not me, that's for shizzle. She always made me giggle with her funny lil quotes - use them at your own peril.

And just while I have you here - Kootoyoo (it's her birthday today by the way) posted a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a special community announcement. My friends, it pertains to email addresses, and linking your email address to your blog account. It really is super fabulous. I recommend you visit her, get the scoop and update your deets. It would make responding so much simpler. And we all love simpler, don't we?

Finally, in case you're wondering, I didn't visit my bin. We're kind of having a 'break'. Well I call it a break but the bin probably thinks it's over. But we all know who has got to sing before it's over, right?

Couldn't possibly leave you with no image, so here are two little saucers I scored the other day...


Karin said...

It was great wasn't it. Sigh.....I'm feeling nostalgic already! We'll have to do a 12 days of Christmas or something.....

BigCat said...

Thanks for the lovely words. I think Curlypops will be pretty chuffed with such recognition too.

I've loved getting to know your blog over Blogtoberfest.

Love those plates too. I wish we could op shop and bin raid together. It could get ugly though.

CurlyPops said...

You're too funny! Does that mean that I have to get a prescription pill addiction and start ripping off Centrelink too?

That little floral saucer bears a striking resemblance to a floral plate that Big Cat found at the oppy this week...noice!

jodi said...

I enjoyed each and every post. Yours created the most laughs and got me slightly addicted to a tv show I knew nothing about. So thankyou...muchly x

cindy said...

I have this mental image of you taking the bin out for a drink and explaining to it "that it is time to see other bins, you know it's me not you - I just feel there is more out there."
Yeah blogtoberfest - It was fabulous even if I have failed the last few days.