Thursday, 23 October 2008

But Baby It's Cold Outside (Or - My House Is Too Thrify-licious For You Babe)

pretty pillowcase
a dress for me to stitch, though I'm thinking this pattern may be too small for me because it's old skool

a crazy-cool kiddie pillowcase

a cute bell-wreath & outline golden book - just look at Santa's beautiful blue eyes and tell me you don't love him

another golden book and this little musical/doggy clapper thingy

some Royal Albert saucers and cake plates that really are quite darling

It's so cold and rainy here at the moment. We were flirting with Summer, and then kazaam, we're whipped back into our woollies. I don't mind the rain. I don't mind the cold. But when combined, they're not exactly conducive to sifting through other people's bins.

I drove past the house and the bin this week. On a number of occasions. I wonder if they've taken down my number plates and reported me yet. I completely missed the second skip. When I went back - gone-skis. Into thin air. Which is probably a good thing because I was coming home with a few too many things. Matt calls it my junk. I call it my treasures. Tomate-o. Tom-aaaahto. Potate-o. Potaaaaaahto.
There was a hive of activity at the house. Landscapers. A truck. People people everywhere. Is this the beginning of the end?
So tonight, I think I'm going to bow out. For a number of reasons.
  • The guy staring at me in the street last week really ruffled my feathers.
  • It's cold. It's raining. And I want a night off.
  • I don't think I have much adrenaline left.
  • I don't have acres of house to store this stuff.
  • I got a quick and fruitful spot of thrifting going on this morning. I made a quick and quiet kill.

Are you going to punish me for not going out in the rain? Even if you don't, you just never know, after I watch this, you might find me out there. Braving the elements.


Rach said...

You know I have seen that same kids pillow case on another blog this week. Not sure where or when but I did!

I love op shopping and roadside finds and have had a few good ones lately. Still dreaming of that perfect Danish sideboard and the Featherstone chair on the nature strip just waiting for me... Mmm, I can dream...

Bellgirl said...

You've done great thrify work today already! I love that Grover book- we used to have it at the doctor's surgery I went to when I was little!

I also love the doggy and the little bells.

CurlyPops said...

I don't blame you for taking the night off with that nasty weather!
I certainly will miss reading about your adventures though...

Word verification: SQUATORC

mellimoomoo said...

I have that pillowcase - it was on my blog a week ago! (yours looks bigger) And I just got a copy of that book! Maybe there's a parallel op-shop world going on for you and I?
Anyway, I totally don't blame you for not diving tonight. I'm sure there is another bin just waiting for you tomorrow :)

Emerald Arts said...

Hello :)

I've found your blog via the lovely Kootoyoo. V. much like your writing style (as do many others so I am told). I had to introduce myself, because that pillowcase you have there... that used to be my quilt! Or the same material anyway. I still use it for picnics.

Christie said...

I that grover book at the op-shop too, it's quite funny!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

As they say, all good things come to an end. Maybe this was the closure this bin-obssessed reader needed.

(But perhaps you did sneak out afterall .... oui?)

victoria mason said...

wow i had/have(?) that grover book from when i was little but it was a big-format one & i LOVED it. & aren't you quick-draw-mcgraw with 'this is'! my second choice was actually beyonce...i've been caught serenading the dog with 'my puppy's too bootalicious....'

cindy said...

You are more than just a bin diver - there are more facets to mama than that. What a bounty you got at the oppy too - I have to luck at my locals. Perhaps I need to branch out my op shops.

flossy-p said...

"the monster at the end of this book" was one of my very very favourites as a kid. It got me everytime!