Thursday, 2 October 2008

Favourite Fabrics: Day Three - There's No Slowing Me

a nice piece of Japanese fabric - bold, bright, what's not to love?
birdseed. super cute.
from l to r: some dots i love, Japanese eiffel towers in the palest pink; a graphic print i coveted for ages from afar; ladybirds and dots. love. love. oh sweet love.

Today it's expected to be 33 degrees. While I thought we were in the gentle lulls of Spring, frolicking through the garden, picking flowers, smelling the wisteria, and crafting with the feel of grass underfoot, I've since learnt, today it's not to be. I'm battoning down the hatches. It's a stinker already and it's not even 10am. I've got the washing on the line, the ducks are watered, I've done my outdoor jobs for the day and I'm indoors until the evening. Except for a mad dash to check whether the postman has been.

So here's day three of sharing my favourites from my fabric stash (which is being posted by Mikes). For the past two days I've been going into some kind of pinkie paradiso, but today, you get a reprieve. I've tried to avoid pink altogether (though it's not possible, is it?).


Stacey said...

I love that birdy one. Especially because if I were wearing it, I could pretend the cake or toast crumbs I'd dropped were really part of the print.
Now I just need to find a print with chocolate or sauce smears.

jodi said...

You'll go crazy once you've done your sewing course! All you need is spare time.

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, I love all of those...but expecially the pink birdies!

cindy said...

This has been quite an extensive stash for a woman not friends with her sewing machine. I am impressed. That graphic print is kick ass cool.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oh more great stuff. I have been admiring that bird print in pink and gold for a while.

Argy has just told me that the print on that last picture is the Eiffel Tower. (clearly all those hours of Dora The Explorer are paying off!)

Taccolina said...

I'm in with the gals who love the bird with the crumbs. Especially for the crumb-camouflaging factor. That's fashion for real foodies!

Bird Bath said...

well they're all wonderful...esp the ladybugs.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous stash!

I do feel for you in that heat - one of the reasons we left Sydney. Just have to eat lots of ice cream to cool down. Doesn't feel right mid spring though.