Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Today we went to a birthday picnic for one of my friends at Nielsen Park. If you live in Sydney and have never been, it's a beautiful spot - small beach that's perfect for kids, plenty of space to play and picnic. We had such a great afternoon. It was a shame that I forgot my swimmers, but the boys didn't and made up for my lack of splashing.

If you visit Sydney between 16 October - 2 November, make sure you get to check out Sculpture by the Sea. It's one of my favourite art festivals and has grown and grown and grown to become a real drawcard to Bondi-Tamarama. Not only is it a beautiful view of the ocean, but art thrown into the mix, well it could leave you breathless.

I read today about this artist's piece and can't wait to see it - wow!

But that's not all folks! Perth residents are lucky enough to host their own Sculpture by the Sea, and for the fifth year at Cottesloe (5-24 March) you can check out the beachside 'gallery'.

And if that wasn't enough - well this is like the steak knives! Denmark is going to host the first Sculpture by the Sea outside of Australia. To all the scores of Danish readers - you heard it here first.

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Tomorrow I promise I'll photograph my loot from the skip... I'm a little slack - but the booty shall be worth it (not my J-Lo-esque derriere dear reader - the stash!!).


cindy said...

I loved the article on working from home, thanks for all those treasures, I feel like I have my own research assistant.
Can't wait to see your booty tomorrow - the stash vatiety.

Michelle said...

We were married in Nielsen Park and had our reception at the Kiosk. Very special place...

Bellgirl said...

Groovy sculptures, how lovely to see them by the sea! I'd love to see the ones in Denmark and then go for a swim in Green's Pool

lovely lindsay said...

hello, my dear!
i'm finally getting around to send out a treat to everyone that bid on my aprons for the nie nie auction. would you email me your mailing address {} so that i can get some lovely happy mail sent your way???
love, lindsay

AnastasiaC said...

is it that time of the year again...Sculpture by the sea is a great event!!