Sunday, 12 October 2008

This Is... My Current Reading Material

Another day, another photo rotated by Blogger.. Ahh, nothing like a bit of sideways action, is there?
Since having babies, I've kind of abandoned reading books. Bad me, I know, but it's finding more than five minutes to sit down and read - particularly when there's so many other things to do (tidy the house, cook dinner, jump into bins, washing fifty million piles of washing - you get the drill).

Truthfully, I could just put a picture of my computer on there, because that's pretty well the sum of what I read at the moment, blogs, online newspapers, Facebook and Standard.

But that's not so good for a girl who used to read a novel a weekend. So this is what's on my bedside table. I do have good intentions.
Grazia - my new favourite fashion hit.
And two new books given to me by a good friend for my birthday. My birthday is in June. I've still not started. Hopefully she's not going to be doing any pop quizzes on me, or I'll flunk out.
Something to Tell You - Hanif Kureishi...
I do read cookbooks too.. These are some of my favourites that I use all the time.
- anything by this guy
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nomes said...

i fully understand about the baby thing, me too. Got a comp running want to play?

Taccolina said...

Cookbook lust is a dreadful thing. When I lived with my two best friends, we used to fight over who got to 'go to bed with Nigel' - as in, who got to sit up rading and drooling over Nigel Slater's latest recipes!

Michelle said...

Ooh yes, I love that foxy lady too. Except for the Coca Cola ham - has anyone been brave enough to try that one?

Kirsty said...

I don't read as often as I'd like ... no babies anymore but I can't be budged from p1 - finish. Nobody eats or bathes. All is ignored.

cindy said...

What is it with the black hole of spare time and those little people. I seem to remember a long time ago, that for a moment I actually felt bored, with nothing to do - how I long for that feeling again. I so get the computer reading, that is all I get these days, of you don't count Green eggs and ham.

mellimoomoo said...

Don't worry, I haven't read a whole "grown-up" book in what seems like years... I nearly posted about one of the toddler's books for "this is" today... but stopped myself. I think blogs are pretty good reading anyway - especially yours x

MissK said...

I do love the way Nigella writes,makes you want to head straight to the kitchen.

Maureen said...

Life will change and children evolve into people who go to bed AND sleep and Mommies can read. My dear dil can read a lot these days despite her 3 and a full time job. Believe!

DH just finished his first Kurt V. and really liked it. I forget which one.