Saturday, 25 October 2008

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

I knew I couldn't help myself and stay away. But just knowing that I had the weekend off decreased the burden somewhat.

I went to a church sale today. Not the sale of a church. No, no, though I'd love to live in an old church, but this church sale was not selling off the building. Just some bits and pieces.

I was waaaaay behind the eight ball. I'd been waiting for it for weeks. I should have marked it on the calendar. By eleven o'clock this morning I still hadn't remembered. Then I sat down to feed my babe - and bingo - I remembered. Hurry up my sweet little babe. Terrible I know. But what had I missed?
Well, apparently it was a good time to go. I got a few great buys. I'll show more later skaters. But tonight, to let you know I'm always on time, this cute little jigsaw clock.


cindy said...

It is funny how when you feel like you don't have to do something it all of a sudden seems so appealing.
Why is it when I go op-shopping that all I find is smelly overpriced things, all the gems are obviously hiding until Miss Potty comes along.

Kirsty said...

Excellent! I love that jigsaw.

Bronwyn said...

I've been enjoying your blog alot, though on the quiet-like; despite this 'stalkerishness' ;), would like to nominate you for a Friendship around the World award - play along if you want to!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Blogging without obligation. Its the only way to go!

(Very cool clock, by the way)