Sunday, 26 October 2008

This Is...What I'm Surprised I Like

When Victoria from Earl & Cookie declared this week to be the This is what I'm surprised I like week, well I scratched my head.

  • I'd like to like fish - but I'm not a huge fan
  • I'd like to like tofu - but it tastes like someone chewed it up already for me
  • I'd like to say I like Iron Maiden - but you know, I just don't dig all that metal

Perplexed, I'm hitting straight from the heart. I'm surprised I like Nick Cave. I know, I know, everyone loves a bit of Nick in the morning, noon and night, but me, well I've always fought it. Fought it with a vengeance.

But I have to say, when Matt requested this song as the song to walk out of the church as a married couple to - well it wooed me. I'm still not a hardcore Nick Cave fan, but I'm coming around.

Thanks to Victoria for an ace theme, and thanks as ever to Angela at Three Buttons for bringing This Is into our bloggy lives. Woop woop!

And I am now on a bent to check out pineapple lumps. I've never seen them before but they sound ACE!


Bird Bath said...

ohhh, Nick is a bit of a hero in my books....I could listen to him all day!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That man is a poet. Genius!

Jenny said...

If you marinate the tofu in soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce then you may come round to liking that too-you never know!!Still, I am the only one who eats it in my house!Glad Nick id growing on you!

sarahau said...

Loving your bin series, reminds me of my mother and my self, nothing is better then a good skip ( something DH is VERY slowly coming to terms with!).
I like tofu in a choc pudding sort of thing ( I found the recipie once online a million years ago, it has a different taste a bit nutty, and as for pineapple lumps - one word - addictive!!!! if you can wrestle them of children and husbands that is!

victoria said...

Ha! iron maiden... great minds huh?. i LOVE Nick Cave, if i hear any song from 'henry's dream' i'm back as an eat-anything, skinny-hipped late-teener (in my head anyway)

nomes said...

ok my lovey if you go to coles and look on the bottom of their shelves you will find pineapple blocks samething and she was right the freezer is better pop over i have a photo so you know what your looking for

cindy said...

Oh he is a good boy - Gotta love a sentimental song on your wedding day. My first husband chose one from the Top Gun soundtrack in all it's bad 80's glory, I should of known from then I was in trouble.

flossy-p said...

ah, I too will always have a place in my heart for Nick. That's a great song to play in a church!!! I'm so impressed. :)