Friday, 3 October 2008

Kiddie Craft:: Spring Lambs

Because we're housebound (it's even hotter today) we're doing a minimally messy kiddie craft activity today.

When I think Spring time, I think flowers, butterflies, bees all a-buzzing, sunshine, the promise of Summer, and baby animals. Cute, fluffy, baby, snooky, snuggly baby animals. Who doesn't love a baby animal (and I'm not talking Suze deMarchi)?

So I came up with this genius idea. Well I am sure it's not new. In fact I know it's not a new idea. This is another of those fail-safe craft activities to do with the smalls.

Spring lambs. Just the name excites me. I love baby lambs. So cute. So clumsy. So fragile. So we set to making some. I googled lamb stencils and found a couple of different ones. I set about printing them out (which took longer than the whole crafting experience itself). The Doctor (my son who calls himself Dr. Sanchez will from herein be referred to as The Doctor) organised the cotton balls. I organised the glue and paint brushes and we set to.

If I had an artistic bone I would have drawn my own lamb and bypassed the printing experience. There's a special note in that for crafty mamas. Save yourself from wrangling the printer. Draw your own I say!

I usually don't really give The Doctor strict instructions. I let him see what I am doing, and he can either do the same, or something similar. No hard and fast rules.

But for this one, well, perhaps I should have set some more guidelines. This was the end result. Enter the Spring lamb. So woolly it can't see whether it's Arthur or Martha. Poor baby lamb.


cindy said...

I think the doctor needs to perform a lamb-ectomy. Too funny, you just need those sticky googly eyes, at least he has the shape down. I fear if I did this one with Caleb we would have a spring Poppy!

Michelle said...

That is so cute - I'll have to try. One of those activities that's about the process,not the outcome.

Taccolina said...

Mmm... those cotton balls remind me of marshmellows!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

cotton balls used for crafts always make me want to glue them all over my clothes..what is that all about? there just so damn..cute.