Friday, 3 October 2008

Fabric Favourites: Uncut

a little circus print from Spotlight (you can thank Blogger for rotating it)

a little piece of thrifted goodness

Mikes is hosting a week of sharing your stash. I've still got favourites to share from my collection... I can't narrow them down, I have lotsa lotsa, so here's a few I grabbed for today's photoshoot. Work it baby, work it.

Click over here and you can see who else is playing along.

And if you're here to view my stencil-along as part of Hoppo Bumpo's extravaganza, may I suggest you tune in over the weekend. I'll be enlisting the help of my artist husband, though he doesn't know it yet.. But what I know is that he used to sneak out at night to do some graf, and I am sure he's going to be a dab hand at helping me with my first foray into stencils. Well he better be, otherwise things are going to get a whole lot funnier here, or I'll just start cussing a whole lot more and then we really will have a pottymouthmama. Either way, stay tuned.


cindy said...

Surely hubby will whip into action on the stenciling front. They have to earn the love of us fabulous ladies. Glen is a chef, so lucky him gets to cook most nights. There are no free rides in this life!

Cass said...

Wow that looks like a great print from Spotlight. Any luck with the freezer paper?

Bird Bath said...

LOVE the circus print - so sweet!!
I'm finding it hard to narrow down stash favourites...esp kid prints.