Thursday, 20 November 2008

Is It Sicks O'Clock Yet?

Nope. Not even close. Why am I wishing the day away? Because my head is congested, I feel like a booger bomb about to go off. Breastfeeding and being sick as a dawg do not mix. Panadol has been my sometime friend, but really, I'd like something harder than a glass of water and a box of tissues.

The Doctor hasn't even self-medicated. He's suffering too.

As for Tiny, she's so congested she sounds like she's purring when she's breathing. The vaporiser is her sleepy-time friend. And boy oh boy, she hates it when I wipe her nose. Even when I sneak up on her, all stealth like and SURPRISE MUMMY'S WIPING YOUR NOSE BABY! Nope. Not a big fan.

Last night I finally set to starting some Christmas presents. I was pleasantly surprised I got through more than I thought. What do you think? Do you think the colour variants work? I was a little unsure at first, but now I kind of like it. And I think I'm going to block in some petals. I've been looking for inspiration online, but haven't seen any roses that were great examples, so I guess I'm just winging it - and fingers crossed it looks ok - otherwise the receiver might be a little crest-fallen. Any thoughts? Advice? I can't figure out satin stitch. I've tried, it just doesn't look that good. So I've dumped it in favour of something more 'rustic'. More 'homely'. I'm ok with imperfection.

I picked up the softest of ballet pinks today, so tonight I'll set to filling in. It's kind of like grown-up colouring in, I think so anyway. Maybe I should be sick more often, I seem to get more stitching done.

Thank goodness it's past sicks pm. Now I can get on with my stitching.


Michelle said...

Your stichin looks beautiful - love the roses - you are clever!

Hope you all feel better soon - keep up the fluids!

Leonie said...

If you are looking for ideas, the baby Vicks vaporub seems to help our little ones when they are congested, that and raising the head end of the cot/bed by putting a pillow (or two) under the mattress to raise their heads so the gunk keeps moving down instead of stuffing their heads full. We also use the plain Dimetapp elixir (blue/yellow combo box) to slow their noses down. Gave it to my husband at one point and he couldn't stay awake at 10 am, man did I giggle so I wouldn't try it on yourself unless you have someone who can look after the littlies!!! Hope you feel better soon.

Taccolina said...

Ohh, you poor thing! Get better soon, you and the little ones. In the meantime, shall we change the name of your blog to snotty-nosed mama? However you feel, your stitching is still gorgeous, so enjoy it if you can through the fog.

Anonymous said...

the festival of snot departed our house and made a line to yours. sorry, but there's just no quick fix. 3 bubs later I have to pass on my advice - to wipe a little nose use a soft wet facewasher. It somehow pulls more out. That and saline drops (special ones for bubs) but I don't usually bother with the booger extractor they provide with the drops. yuck I know, but especially with a bf bub you have to try to clear the nose. I also use baby balsam and with very small bubs put it on a muslin square between singlet and suit, not on the skin.

Glad to see congestion hasn't affected your blogging style!

Cheers, Lynda

BigCat said...

Your stitching looks lovely. I like the idea that its colouring for grown ups.

cindy said...

Sorry to hear the snoties are in town, though your craftiness appears to of increased - not quite sure how that works.
I am looking forward to seeing the ginger bread xmas festivities once the germs have gone.

Kirsty said...

Sorry you're sick.

The stitching is coming along beautifully. I fill everything with chain stitch a la Ike Rosen. I love the way it looks.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Beautiful stitching.

That-snot good about all the sickies though. Get well soon. (I remember those torturous, drug-free b/feeding days well)

nomes said...

oh lovey you poor thing your not alone i'm over the girgling sound of the vapour-thingy and the smell too

Ellieboo said...

I love the stealth nose wipe - Im partial to that tactic myself - it always ends in tears regardless of what angle I approach. Hope you and wee ones are feeling better soon and keep on stitching, cos its looking good from this direction.