Monday, 17 November 2008

This Is...

Cebu Mangoes

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Can I say mangoes? I love mangoes. It's mango season here. Nothing like standing over the sink with mango juice running down your chin, your arms, and that sweetness. Ah the sweetness - that first taste of mango for the season. It's addictive. It hits you. That mango love. Ah for a mango, I'd do almost anything. Just don't mix it with anything savoury - eeek - no no no, mangoes served as they are, perfect for me.

I ate one a day in the latter stages of my pregnancy with the Doctor. You'd think he'd be a fool for mangoes too - but at the moment, he's more of a strawberry kind of guy. But Tiny. Well she's a sucker for mangoes. She loves grabbing at that slippery piece of sweetness. Shoving it in her mouth - uh oh - missed, try again. Oh man, she loves the mangoes, just like her mango-lovin' mama.

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cindy said...

Gotta tell you - I don't get the mango love, but you know I respect your nature loving self. My family are all with you too, just not me, I am not wasting valuable tummy space that could be used for chocolate and wasting it on Mangos.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I like mangoes but loathe peeling and chopping them. Slippery little suckers always seem to hit the floor. Needless to say all mango consumed here is a bit grubby.

Monique said...

Love love love mangos and can only eat them in the privacy of my own house!