Sunday, 23 November 2008


We've enjoyed a slow one this week. It started with me whipping up some raspberry muffins on Saturday morning, and concluded with me laughing at the ridiculousness of CSI: Miami. Matt and I take turns at being Horatio - he wears his sunglasses inside and is painfully cool (in a pseudo kinda way).

Ah the weekend. Freezing cold. It's meant to be Summer. We even had the heater on today it was that chilly.

We went shopping for a bulldozer for part of the Doctor's Christmas present today. We went to six different stores. Think we found one? Uh-uh? It's a strict criteria (and this comes from the Doctor himself): no batteries, the caterpillar tracks have to work, and it must be able to go in the sand. No mean feat my friends! Any recommendations?

Thanks for all the well wishes for us sickos. We're still snuffly, but I'm sure tomorrow will be golden. And if not, there are always tissues.
Have you had a good one (weekend, not tissue)?
Isn't this the cutest? One of Matt's cousins brought it over for the Doctor. Though I think he only wound up eating its ears.


cindy said...

I too have had dramas in the the xmas shopping dept. Are we slow off the mark or something? I finally found the donut maker that Caleb wanted, but it took forever.
Glad to hear you had a nice week-end even though your still a little snuffy. It could of been the dead of winter here, so inside activities kind of limit the fun.

Bird Bath said...

That bunny is VERY cute!
Hope you're on the mend soon. Taking it easy sounds like the way to go and a few raspberry muffins can't hurt either! Good luck with the bulldozer hunt :)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

We have a few Bruder toys (namely a bobcat and tip truck, with heavy duty plastic bodies). They don't have batteries and go OK in the sand. I'm sure they have a bulldozer in their range. The Tonka diggers with tracks (metal framed ones) seem to go OK too and again I assume they do bulldozers. Tonka are easily found in the shops, but you might need to look online for the Bruder toys. Happy shopping!

Alexis said...

I want a raspberry muffin and a rabbit cookie!

Leonie said...

Let's see...
That was some serious teasing posting pictures of raspberry muffins and me without any frozen raspberries in the freezer, my sister adds white chocolate buttons to hers they taste all caramelly when melted, yummo.
We have dubbed CSI Miami "the lighting show" J can't stand Horatio, looking at him makes his head ache and the posed sunglasses on and off sends him round the bend, I just spend my viewing time laughing!!! (The Oz one on the gold coast, can't remember the name, now dubbed "the ozzy lighting show" LOL).
Haven't seen a metal Tonka bulldozer but we did have the Tonka Jr. one (made of plastic) but it has normal wheels not caterpillars (It has also started to fall apart after being outside for 3 years in all weather). Muck (large size) doesn't have movable caterpillar tracks but at least has them.
Try this link doesn't say if the wheels are movable but you could call them and you can order online so it could come to you since they don't seem to have a Sydney store.
Hope some of that helps and that you all recover quickly from the grossness of the colds!!!

CurlyPops said...

Mmmm I'd love one of those muffins for brekky.
Hope you get over the snuffles very soon!

Cass said...

I'll take a muffin too. Luckily I have some raspberries in the freezer might make some tonight

Leni and Rose said...

OMG, those muffins look delicious! Hope you guys lose the snuffles soon...this weather isn't helping. Hoping it's a little better up in Sydneytown.

Rach said...

I have not started Christmas shopping (well a few books for the nephew is it). I think I will just buy books and Bunnings store cards for everyone. If you can't get it an Bunnings, its not worth having (as my husband and his boy-friends love to say...)

Hope you are feeling better. And I am over this cold weather. I am having Christmas is TAS and will get enough crap weather then. It snowed there last time wwe were home for Christmas...

mellimoomoo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

Amber said...

Ok I got hungry looking here...yummo.
This weather is crazy and i am ready for warm times and a normal november.
Good to hear you guys are on the mend..xx

lovely lindsay said...

is one of those muffins on it's way to me??
no batteries? smart boy. i'm on the hunt for some real live wooden blocks. big ones.
love, lindsay

lovely lindsay said...

p.s. would you like to help me with some posts i'm doing on birth next week? i know that you have the same fondness of midwives as i do. i'm gearing up to have this new babe and i've got birth on the brain. =) shoot me over an email if you'd like.
love, lindsay

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Your muffins look yummy! I said it in a creepy Horatio kind of way, did you hear it?

My best guess to fit that bulldozer bill is go vintage. Look in a bin. :)

Cass said...

Not sure if these are what you are looking for but in Kmart yesterday they had quite a few large bulldozers. Not sure of the brand though or if they would meet the criteria