Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Since You're All Such Big Fans

*peering over my sunglasses at you*

I couldn't resist but share a picture of everyone's favourite main man. Horatio Caine. Big ups to the writers of CSI for giving him such a crazy name. Wow David Caruso - you've never been cooler or kookier. High fives all 'round. BTW - he's got copies of everyone's DNA and swiped your keyboard for epithelials in case you get up to something a little naughty (perhaps now that I've dabbled in a little CSI street-speak you see how far my fascination goes?).

Enough frivolity! That's not the pottymouthmama spirit, is it? No. Back to work. Heads down and all that, a rose by any other name?

It's looking sweet without being sappy, right? Help a stitcher out. Someone asked if it's french knots, but no, it's my favourite stitch of all time - backstitch (I never thought I'd be saying 'my favourite stitch of all time'). Even the underside is looking neat - and that is no mean feat. Most of the time the underside of my stitching is messy as though a bunch of mice have been pulling at it and making a nest out of my lovely floss.

On another stitching front - sewing week class number seven - finished the pyjama top, finished another pair of pyjama bottoms for one of my nephews, and didn't even stitch an inch on my top. Bah humbug!

Here's my model (aka The Doctor) showing off his new pyjama top. Look how thrilled he was - lying down on the ground - with tongue poking out. If only all models were this charming (Kate Moss take note). I bribed him with a square of chocolate to put the darn thing on. Hopefully my rosie stitching recipient does not react in the same way, or I'll have to bribe them with chocolate too.


Christie said...

Stitching ROCKS, like the quilt too, did you make that one...?

Kids make the WORST models, they won't say still, or smile & then they get crap all drown the front of the garment that you are trying to show off (because you had to bribe them withh foodstuffs)....boo!

Go PMM, sewing up a storm!

PS how is the new house coming along...?

cindy said...

Oh you have to have another little PottyBubba so that you can call him Horatio, I reckon you could even get away with Caine as a middle name - too easy!
The stitching is looking so good! The PJ top is looking fabulouso. I am so glad that it is going well.
As for child models you have seen mine at her screaming best, I tell you if she didn't work for minimum wage I would have to get a new one.

Ellieboo said...

I have never ever watched CSI - I think it might be time to check out Horatio (if only for a laugh).

You back stitch is beautiful PMM - you are on fire.

Bek said...

I'm quite new to your blog and loving it. Your embroidery is so tidy. I like a bit of backstitch myself. As for Horatio.
(no words really)

Angie said...

Great stitching...the pj's look great too. I'm seeing quite a few fabrics I have stashed away in that quilt!

Taccolina said...

YThat's looking great, and like Angie, I was looking at the quilt behind it and going, Hmmm... I've got some of that. Fabulous polka dotty pjs, nevermind the model.

nomes said...

love your taste in men mmmmm to me watching hims is like drinking a cheap wine, you know you'll regret it in the morning but you do it anyway because there's nothing else on offer

jodi said...

So impressed by all your crafty work! I'm starting to feel slack! x

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

WOW.. that's so cute! Is that a quilt that you have it displayed on?? so so pretty! I've been looking for Mexican Serape Blankets for my bed.

muralimanohar said...

Horatio irritates the crap outta me. Grissom all the way, baby.