Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Inspiration

I love the smell of Christmas. And I'm not talking the spices. I love the smell of Christmas beetles on a balmy Summer evening. I love the almost aching sound of cicadas chirping shrilly in the trees.

It's so close to Christmas. It's achingly close. It's giddy up close. And I have still got gifts to buy.

In particular, I find men very difficult to buy for. My husband is a case in point. I give him something, he says great thanks, and then a few months later I find him sneaking it out of the house to the charity bin. I know you're probably saying, at least it's going to a receptive home, but you know, it peeves me. I always give gifts with the line: if you don't like it, I'm very, very happy for you to return it (unless it's handmade by me) and get something you do dig.

Otherwise - *POOF* - I might as well have thrown cash into the wind.

My Dad is another hard-to-buy-for.

Inspiration anyone?

This afternoon I've been conjuring up an aromatic Christmas in the kitchen, baking my first ever batch of gingerbread. All those spices. It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

PS - Have posted the Kimya Dawson CDs out to the winners today!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Mmmmm ... gingerbread. Yummo!

I'm not really much help in the men's gift department. I seem to come up with dud ideas and find gifts to Mr HB abandoned shortly after the giving. Have you thought about grading up the pyjama pattern and doing bloke sized PJs?!

Leonie said...

Christmas and birthday gifts in our house are often DVD's of series: Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, West Wing, The Bourne movies (ssh I know it's not a series!), Futurama, new/old Bond movies, 3rd rock from the sun, all sorts really. You can tell a good purchase because it gets watched!!

cindy said...

I got my dad a diary thing so he can write letters and stuff to the kids that he wanted to hare with them since they don't get to spend a lot of time together.
As for Matt, how about a hand made calender with art from Doctor and hand prints from Tiny and some pictures. They have to love stuff like that - it's in the dad hand book. I am sewing Glen some shirts, not so exciting.

nomes said...

try they deal in experience gifts like swiming with sharks for example

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I have a brother who is hard to buy for, as well. Have you checked the Sew, Mama, Sew Handmade Holidays gift guide? There is a gift idea list specifically for guys. You should also check Etsy; I ordered a nice shaving soap set for my brother's stocking. There are no nasty chemicals in the blend, so it's good for sensitive skin.

What does your dad like, or do? I always try to think about what my giftees are into, or what their personalities are like; that seems to make presents a little easier to choose.

Good luck! I hope you have a happy holiday. :)

Laura Jane said...

A pair of Gold Class movie tickets?

Tickets to an event?(a play YOU want to see)

Gardening/Bunnings vouchers?

Framed kids Kindy paintings?

Hot undies (for you or for hubby, with a voucher for removal privileges)

And the baking, oh the baking! YUM!!!

sophie said...

I have the same problem with my husband. The only thing you can do is get a list from him then you are guaranteed to get something he wants - kinda spoils the surprise element though...wish I had better advice!