Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Kid Wrangler Required:: Apply Within

For the past few days the Doctor and I have been butting heads like two little billy goats. A combination of overtired mama and defiant child. Anyone want to babysit?

So while he's attempting some 'quiet time' I've been trying to write some thank you notes. I love thank you notes. I love writing them. I love receiving them. And I love great letterpress. Here are some of my Etsy favourites so you can share the love too (and if you babysit, I'll be sure to send you a thank you note or two).

Sarah Jane Studios: sweet, whimsical illustrations, gorgeous cards - you can't go wrong with anything from her shop.

Sycamore Street Press: I've told you about them before, I'll tell you again, witty, quirky and the best stock. I love to love these cards.

Every Jot and Tittle: I learnt about these from one of my favourite blogs ever - Dooce. Such cute, neat gift tags, such bright colours. I've got them. I love them. And I love finishing off a wrapped gift with these tags.

Papered Together: cool, a little quirky, beautiful cards.

And finally, I've been keeping this one a secret, but hey - sharing is caring Dutch Door Press have the most beautiful cards. I love them. Covet them. They are stylish. Frame-worthy. Do you love them too?

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve. I hope the New Year holds great plans in store for you! Well will see... I plan to be fast asleep when 2009 rolls in. Boring I know, but I'm not a NYE junkie. Though five years ago tonight is when Matt and I met at a party. Ahhh yes. The night I forgot his name at least a dozen times, and introduced him to everyone (who he already knew) as my husband - and subsequently forgot his name again. Now how's that for sozzled psychic powers?


veronica darling said...

Love all those cards, especially the cat one! CUTE!

Happy New Year to you, and I think I may have to head to bed early too, however without any children at my house, I fear I'm being dorky!

Mrs.French said...

such a thougtful gal you are..I really need to write more thank yous...these should make it easy. Oh and I will be joining your sleeping party on plans and I like it that way. xo t

Christie said...

love all those thank you cards

v funny how you & matt met :-)

must say master 3.5 & I aren't getting on at all well either, he is bored & I want a holiday from my 'job', told my husband yesterday that when I drop Ryder at his 1st day of kinder next year, I am going home to crack open a bottle of bubbles. may have to pick him up in a taxi...nice!

PS happy new year, glad I found your blog this year :-)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

It's just this time of Year, Little P's been driving me nuts too!!

Cards are so cute, I love to give and recieve thank-you cards too!

Happy New Year

cindy said...

Feel free to send him round. If you can get Caleb to have a shower I can have a shot at the OK Caral. You got to love when the testosterone kicks in.
I love your cards too.
I love the Matt and PMM love story so funny. I hope you can remember his name now or then you would be in trouble.
Happy New Year or should I say sweet dreams instead.

Bec said...

Beautiful cards - especially love the gift tags though. I'm also seriously underwhelmed by NYE. I prefer to do something nice on New Years Day. As we're still holidaying in Melb at the moment we're going to ride on Puffing Billy today. Only downside is that it's going to be a TOP of 14 degress.....eeeekkkkk!!!!
Hope a kid wrangler turns up for you. I can definitely sympathise. Not looking forward to the big 'come down' when we get home after 2 weeks of holidaying and doting relatives...

sophie said...

I'm going to go check them out now! Thanks for sharing.

Tinniegirl said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous links. I love cards, tags, etc.

Leni and Rose said...

Oh my, they are all so gorgeous! That Dutch Door Press is awesome.

Funny story about how you met Matt!! Have a great 2009!

Taccolina said...

Happy New Year to you too! We didn't get up to much, either - maybe that's the mood of 09? Stay at home, drink wine, laugh with your love. Could be worse!