Monday, 29 December 2008

Latex Is A Tricky Thing To Sew (the post also known as: Luckily Christmas Happiness Was Not Dependent On My Sewing Prowess)

Remember these? Remember how I was going to whip up some customised washing up gloves for my husband? I was to be the creator, Santa was to be the courier. Couture gloves. He would have been the fashionista up to his elbows in washing up bubbles. The Sartorialist may have snuck some photos of his hot dishpan hands.

Who needs instructions I say? I've got eight sewing lessons under my belt. Who needs to ask for help? No, not I said the little Red Hen.

Apparently latex is difficult to work with. I now know this.

Apparently this project wasn't as simple as I was thinking it might be. But Cath made it look so darn simple. Hmph and a belated bah humbug! I was going to whip these up for every kitchen-lovin' person I knew. They would have been the talk of the kitchen.

Apparently we've now got one heck of a messy glove with black and white gingham trim, and the other lies next to it, dormant.

And apparently I should have looked to see if there were instructions before I embarked on this festive (festy?) project. There are instructions, simple, effective instructions.

Thank goodness the weight of Christmas joy was not resting on my creative shoulders. Otherwise, there would have been a whole lotta tears. Enough to fill the sink.


CurlyPops said...

Oh no what a disaster! I was so looking forward to seeing some washing up in those.

cindy said...

OK Mental note, Latex is tricky to sew, I will keep this in mind for Glen's next birthday - who know what latex fabulousness will now never see the light of day.

JustJess said...

Bad luck! However it's the thought that counts right?!

sophie said...

This is so funny, when I look back at the kind of things I have forced my machine to sew I am aghast!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a disappointment - I was so looking forward to seeing the Chrissy gloves. Ah well. I understand the latex misery ... I had a similar incident with vinyl. Hideous.