Friday, 5 December 2008

A New Babe: Birthday

I've been a little absent these last few days. Pre-typing posts so when I do get back to my 'puter, I can just hit post and be done. Poof! It's there. The beauty of desktop publishing.

So. My sister had a new baby this week. Great excitement. Great, great excitement. I get to meet the new little one today. I have butterflies just thinking about her. A new fresh baby girl. Sweet!

I've been trying to stitch a few things up for the new wee one. Well I've only done one singlet. One measly singlet, but it's made with much, much love. It's almost visible that love (along with a few wonky stitches). What little gal doesn't like a cruiser with ribbons from the handlebars. I know this big girl would love one (hint for Matt: 30th birthday fast on the approach - six months to go - layby NOW!!).

Back to the baby. Pre my own babies I used to be so, so frightened of holding babies. They are so delicate. Do you remember holding a newborn in your arms?

I always marvel at the tiny fingernails. The fragility and the miracle that is a baby. About the little heart inside that boom-boom-booms all by itself. Isn't that incredible?

Clucky much?


cindy said...

Now if I close my eyes I can even smell that new baby goodness - and now you have made me cry Miss Mama. Sheesh. Go and enjoy your new little family member, she will look gorgeous in her singlet.

Laura Jane said...

Enjoy your new niece!

Aren't babies wonderful? I DO love and appreciate them, and they make working on postnatal wards just extra special. Seeing everyone just fall in love with this new little person.

And yes, I can hear you clucking from here...

Bird Bath said...

ohhh, how wonderful to hold a precious little newborn. Those tiny little fingers curling around a great big finger...they sure do grow up quickly. enjoy you new little niece.

Rad bike!

trashalou said...

I love it that everyone has a particular part of a baby that they love best. Sometimes it is just a little inch square. Makes me smile just thinking about it.