Friday, 5 December 2008

Speeding Into Christmas: Making Paper

I did try and post this yesterday but my connection went haywire.

Take two.

I'm into making my own paper. Well not entirely. I bought a roll of brown paper at the newsagent. I painted it with speed stripes in aqua. They're wonky in a wholesome John Olsen sort of way. Rothko might even be proud.

So now I'm wrapping like a maniac to get everything posted to Perth on time.

However, on the subject of (w)rapping. Did anyone catch 'Aussie Battlers' last night on ABC? It was great. Modern day poets. I've been practising my own:

'Some days your breath smells so bad
They can smell it all the way over in Baghdad'

What do you think? For reals. My MC name could be PottyMouthMama. Battling in an amphitheatre near you.


Linda said...

oh I do love your paper it looks FAB!!! very impressive!

Sherrin said...

Your paper looks great. Nice idea. :o)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Nah, its definitely a Pollock ... a dead ringer for Blue Poles!

Fab paper - what a great idea.