Wednesday, 3 December 2008

PottyMouthMama's Dunce's Cap

I'm going to sit in the corner. I've done a silly thing. But surely I can't be to blame, can I?

You see the Doctor has a cough that would rival a seal's bark. I'm just waiting for him to learn how to balance a ball on his nose then I'll take him off to Taronga Zoo. He really does like fish too. So the Doctor was up 'til 11:30pm last night, bouncing in bed, monitoring what I was doing, wide eyed and wide awake. Surely it's illegal for three and a half year olds to be awake so late?

I was also excited for another reason, a sleepless tossing and turning reason, you know when excitement makes your mind keep dreaming (but awake dreaming).

And then this morning I woke up super early (I am usually a nine hours of sleep kind of girl) and lay awake trying to will myself back to sleep, but I'd had a creepy dream about a high school sweetheart. EEK!

Anyway - my bad - I forgot to draw the winners of the Kimya Dawson CDs. Sorry folks. Sorry for those sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the draw. Then since I forgot, probably lying on the edge of their bed restless with anticipation!

Enough. Here are the six winners:

Katie from We Heart Books loved 'The Rainbow Connection' (check out Debbie Harry - her face actually moves!) or the entire score from 'The Sound of Music'
Just Jess wanted to live in a 'Yellow Submarine'
Nomes rocked out to 'it's still rock and roll to me' (Oh Billy, that jacket, that tie, that BIG HAIR!)
Ellieboo liked singing to 'Funky Gibbon' (please check out their hot overalls. phwoar. which one would you date?)
Cindy from Bug and Pop thought that it's 'Not Easy Being Green'
Christie from Pigeon Pair could also be heard singing along to 'The Rainbow Connection' (I think Christie will like this new version or perhaps she's more a Willie fan. I know I am. Oh get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking Willie Nelson. Shame on you!

Gals, please email me your postal addresses and I'll get the CDs out to you real soon. For reals.

I wish I had a CD for everyone. For reals. Please come back and play the PottyMouthMama lotto in January. I'll put together a little something and take it global this time.

And thanks to PopFrenzy for the CDs. Big ups to ya.

Finally, one of my favourite songs as a small fry was the very same as The Bird Bath's. I used to put my parents records on and go all crazy legs and dance to this song. What's the appeal? Any opportunity to pop the Depp-ster on my blog, I'll take, thank you and goodbye.


cindy said...

I would like to make a comment, but all I can see is tight overalls and the letter G - ih yeah they were Goodies. My word, Superman didn't have them tucked in that tight.
Anyway back to point, woo hoo - I won a cool CD. Thanks to Miss Dawson.

Pecos Blue said...

That is funny.

Ellie Bartlett said...

You have just made my day - I cant stop laughing. I havent seen footage of those gorgeous goodies since, well since i was about 7. Blooming hilarious - sorry everyone but Im dating all three - they are all mine. Plus bonus footage of the Bay City Rollers - I was seriously in love with them and used to dress head to toe in tartan! Yikes

Wow and thank you - so cool to be winner as well. said...

Wheeee! How exciting! Thanks so much. What gems you have managed to unearth from YouTube. Too funny.