Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I am quietly attempting to steer the Doctor away from playing with trains all day. Why, you may well ask...? Simply because I've said it once and I'll say it again, I can't stand playing trains all day, and PS - the Doctor starts pre-school next week and can't play trains for the hours he's there. Well maybe he can, but I'm trying to bring him back to doing a range of things rather than just pushing the trains around and around.

So today we got stuck into our activity box. The Doctor is 3 years and eight months. Here are some things he's been enjoying lately...

- Gerald the Giraffe: My sister gifted this gorgeous puppet to him. He LOVES it. I mean love, love, loves it. Gerald eats all his toys. Gerald tries to eat him. I have never seen anyone laugh as manically as the Doctor when Gerald starts to rumble him. Even Tiny thinks Gerald is the best - he's super dooper soft, and realistic. A real asset to our home.

- Cork Pictures: My other sister gave this to the Doctor for Christmas. Good for hand-eye coordination and imagination, this is a definite winner. We lie on our bed and construct pictures for long spurts of time (ok twenty minutes is a long time for him).

- Quiet Time: I've been setting his little alarm clock so that when his quiet time is up, it goes off and he knows he can come out of his room. Very good for my sanity.

And while I think of it here's a cool resource for mamas with small fry... In fact, there's heaps on this site for you to do with the smalls..


amity ville boronia said...

My nephew LOVES his "quiet time".
I think that it's largely due to the fact that he was given his own egg timer for it. He lives for the sound of that buzzer!

cindy said...

Oh dear, I fear I may of added to the addiction. I always love your kids activity ideas. That cork board is super cool, what a great idea. Oh and gerald, I can see why he is a favourite.

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

You're not going to believe this.
My 20 year old daughter grew up with a hand puppet giraffe. Do you know what his name was?
Totally true.
I think she still has him.
He was a kind giraffe.

Amy (badskirt) said...

May I come over and play with the corkboard face and body pieces? Please?