Monday, 19 January 2009

The Doctor's Appointments

The Doctor starts pre-school next week. Oh man, he is soooo ready for it, but am I?

He's so ultra excited - whenever we talk pre-school his ears prick up and he raves about the friends he is going to make. The games he's going to play. The white buses he'll look at (he remembers them from orientation day). So sweet.

Me...? I'm feeling a little nervous. I think he's going to be fine. I think he's going to soar in fact. But me. Well I've been home with him for the whole of his life. What am I going to be without my trusty sidekick?

It would be like Laurel without Hardy.
The Two Ronnies minus One Ronnie (remember this scene from Extras?).
Itchy without Scratchy.
Posh without Becks.
Bangers without mash.
Tea without a biscuit.
Chocolate without a cavity. Ok - scratch that one.
A flower without a petal.

I know by now you're getting my story. I'm going to feel a little lost until we hit our stride again. For now we're enjoying our Summer days. Catch ups in the park with friends. Painting in the afternoons. Evening swims. Cuddles a-go-go. It's love.

I promised I'd post about another find from Sunday. So here it is. The Doctor's own little chair. Perhaps he might like to pop it in his waiting room. It needs a little love - maybe some new upholstery, a little tinkering, but for the most part, it's just dandy.

We also found a totem tennis thing (or as the Doctor likes to call it 'toe tap tennis') which I had wanted since pre-Christmas, so that was a total SCORE - even if I do always lose.


cindy said...

I can just see the docotr lined up with pre-schoolers writing dodgy medical certificates so they can ditch for the day and watch the wiggles.
The first day will be hard but it does get easier. Think of all the special moments you can now spend with Tiny. If all else fails nag Matt for more children to pad out the house with.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I felt the same way when Argy started preschool last year. But as he went in on the first day, he was kind of don't let the door hit you on the way out. Suddenly I didn't feel quite as sad anymore! So I enjoyed those few hours a week for what they were ... a chance to grocery shop with just one child in tow!

THE ESSESS said...

That chair is fit for a king or a doctor?
Good luck with the pre school! Take some tissues...

Rach said...

Oh, I am with you. Minnie starts 1 day a week at pre-school next week... I am happy/sad/nervous/scared. I have only left her when Alice died and other than that, a few hours here and there when my husband takes over. Gosh, I am more worried than she is. But I will be able to get some orders done, take on more wholesale and actually start desiging the blooming fabric I keep thinking about...

Will be thinking of you next week.

Monique said...

Aren't little boys funny the way they always clutch their trains and cars in their hands! Enjoy the time with just Tiny. its quite liberating.

jodi said...

oh I can't imagine what it will be like but I'm sure I'll write a post quite similar to yours when the time comes. He's such a cutie...and him and that chair is just so sweet. Be brave and think of all those wonderful artworks and stories that he'll come home with.

zofia said...

Yes, the first time is so hard, I was like that with Alex, but Tallulah? She waved me bye. 'You can go now Mum'!
You'll find that time great to do extra stuff in with only one, but it goes so fast!

Renee said...

What a lovely post.

The Doctor (I love his little kids belly in the picture above.) will love school and when you get in the grove, you will it too.

This is just the sweetest post about missing someone.