Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Crazy In The Coconut

We had one of those weekends with lots of zipping about the city.

Saturday zipping about deepest, darkest suburbia doing odd-jobs.

A hen's do on Saturday night.
Sunday we headed off to a wedding for one of Matt's good friends. I didn't actually take any photos at the wedding. In fact, the camera didn't even make it out of the car. But I captured some of the scenery as we zipped and zoomed. My testament to spending a proportion of my weekend in the car. A sad reality of life in the 'burbs - but at least the scenery is pretty!
All in all, a really fun/ny weekend with friends in lurve.

Now I'm into the grind of the week, things to do, heat to dodge, babies to woo, pre-schoolers to play with, dinner to cook (am I the only one that is so sick of dinner I want to delete it??).

What's in your dinner repertoire that's easy to make and keeps the punters happy?


cindy said...

Was that THE hen's night? How was it?
Argghh driving, I have to tell you it drives (I know you love a pun) me crazy, but my scenery isn't as pretty as yours. I am hoping someone can start teleporting soon.

CurlyPops said...

My easiest dinner recipe is my 15 minute tuna pasta which I'm making for myself tonight!
It all comes straight out of the pantry and is thrown together.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I have spent more than an hour in the car today and just dashing off to the next appointment. Blah.

As to an easy dinner, this is our family staple: http://hoppobumpo.blogspot.com/2008/08/standing-back-and-throwing-again.html. Its a chuck-everything-in-one pot special and popular with the smalls.

Georgie Love said...

Oh, you know I am for the laziest route out, the best and most popular company dinner at our house is just a massive antipasto platter - different cheeses, bread, meats, dips, mushrooms, carrots, celery, a salad, dolmades, etc. Delicious and leftovers even better!

Cass said...

I am so over dinners as well. Pasta goes down a treat in this house with the kids but I still hate making it

Bek said...

I am up for dinner deletion as well.. why is it at the end of the day when everyone is tired and the littlest one suddenly needs a "cuddle"? Very badly timed indeed. Tonight I spread pesto on some chicken breasts and put them in the oven with some potatoes. 4 year old Caleb declared it the best dinner that ever was.

Ellieboo said...

Hey I recognise that bridge - you didnt detour to Spotlight did you?

God Im with you - every evening I say what the hell am I going to cook the little monster tonight - we are in a mash potato frenzy at the moment - she is gobbling it down specially with fish and peas hidden in it.

Bec said...

Matt and I both had fruit for dinner last night. He usually cooks, but was just over it last night. I could not think of a single inspiring thing to make. So fruit it was....

Luckily we'd both had chicken/mushroom risotto leftovers for lunch, so it didn't seem so bad to blow off dinner. Sorry, I'm not much inspiration am I? :P