Wednesday, 7 January 2009

PottyMouthMama On A Hot Tin Roof

Phew! When it's hot it's hot. The Doctor is wondering where all this 'sweating' is coming from. I'm sitting in our living room, which is currently doubling as a sauna. Hot in the city is damn right!

I could do one of those ads and say "I lost twenty-two kilos in one hour, just by sitting at the computer, just pay $20 and come sit in my living room and you too can do the same!" My living room = the ultimate sauna destination.
Right now we're into card games. Snap for the smalls. Uno for the biggies.

Phew! It's hot. Ice cold drinks all 'round.

If only I looked this saucy hanging about my house on such a stinker.


Tinniegirl said...

Cool drinks and Uno sounds like just the thing. Air conditioning would probably make it perfect.

Kirsty said...

It's bordering on cold in Melbourne...hope the night isn't too unbearable.

Amber said...

It is so damn hot for sure. We have been spening many hours at my sister in laws pool...cooling off.
Hot days..xx

Cass said...

It's definitely been a scorcher at least it is cooler today. We have spent the time in and out of the pool.

Rach said...

Yep - hot it has been! But today is looking mich cooler. Hope you get some relief today.

cindy said...

I hope it cooled down a bit today! Card games ound like a good option. I can also recommend the car wash with the kids in the bathtub and lots of bubbles.

Ellieboo said...

No seriously, my heart is bleeding for you right now - did I mention I am typing from a freezer in Siberia!

Yours icily and wishing she were in a sauna