Sunday, 25 January 2009

I Am PottyMouthMama-saurus. Hear Me Roar.

this is the Doctor and his brand, spanking and much pined after Thomas backpack - ready for pre-school

Today we ventured into the Australian Museum. We'd been wanting to go for yonks, months ago, when I first learnt that they were showing dinosaurs, but the Doctor freaked out and didn't want to see them. He thought they were real, and I couldn't convince him otherwise. So we left it for a while.
Then me being spontaneous and all, decided that today we might just make a dash into the city and enjoy checking out some bones. The Doctor was into it.

We did it. It was fun. The Doctor ran madly from display to display checking everything out. He was thrilled with the bugs, the sea creatures, the snakes (a live one on display - eeeeek!), and especially the dinosaurs. The sign above is made entirely of... flies! So much goodness at the museum.
There's Kidscene which is an ace area for - surprise surprise - the kids to play, discover, paint, kick back, interact. It's cool for some time out from all the display areas.Tiny, though not impressed with the dinosaurs, was particularly interested in her sandwich. In case you're wondering, sourdough with cheese.

Enough chit chat, the smalls loved the museum and I have to say, after being under self-imposed house arrest all week due to the heat, it was good to be out in civilisation again.


Monique said...

Ah the museum. we were on our way there last saturday, got stuck in traffic and ended up at the powerhouse. Am glad that you guys loved it.

Amber said...

Oh that is a great idea to go to the museum...must do that. Must also take the sourdough and cheese....thanks for shring your nice day with us....xxxx

cindy said...

What a great day out the family. How big is the doctor looking equipped with backpack.

Home Girl said...

love the tail out the window shot - museums are indeed good places - had forgotten about ours - v good idea to have up sleeve thank you. how cute is tiny with her clip - wish there were more clips here in the boyzone

btw thanks for cheering me up over on my blog - there is a lot of editing when choosing photos to publish - many many double chins etc edited out!

jodi said...

that tail out the window is a bit freaky - cool though. Thank goodness the heat has bad was saturday?!

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! That Tiny sure is cute. Didn't see any spiders did you?