Monday, 26 January 2009

We Are A Lucky Country

For visitors not in Australia, today is Australia Day. A celebration of our country and all who live here and make our country what it is. Truly lucky.

We went to visit my sister and her family who are staying at Darling Harbour at the moment. I am not usually a fan (and you'd never really catch me down there) of this area of Sydney. It's very touristy. BUT today they had all sorts of fun going on down there to celebrate Australia Day.
Lots of street performers including this ride 'em cowboy who taught the Doctor how to pat a bull (in case you're curious, pat, stop, pat).

The Doctor got to rock out to Bananas in Pyjamas, Jay Lagaia* and Fifi and the Flowertots. Talk about rock 'n' roll baby! The only thing missing was my very special air guitar.

And what happens after all good rock concerts? You run into two very large marsupials, that's what. The male marsupial was sporting some very over-sized appendages.

* Sorry for the Jay Lagaia link - eek - I can't find anything else, and well I thought this was kinda cute anyway, for nostalgia. And Jay's cute no matter.


jodi said...

that link is hilarious - those appendages - Umm...what's with that?

cindy said...

There really is no better excuse for a bit of touristy goodness than yesterday.
I think the only time i went to darling harbour was to see the Dalia Lama so it was great to me!
Love the doctors face too.

Cass said...

Love those appendages, definitely male then!

Vintage Babee :) said...

Lovely blog. But Australia day is actually a "celebration" of the day Europeans invaded Australia and slaughtered thousands of Aboriginal people.
Bit like Christmas for some people, where they're more interested in presents and partying than what the true meaning of it is.