Friday, 16 January 2009

Kiddie Craft:: The Ultimate Ice Cube Tutorial

Like I said in my previous post, ice cubes are good. While anyone reading in the Northern Hemisphere might be able to walk outside and collect a handful of ice, we're relying on the freezer to do its magic. Here's a foolproof way to keep the smalls interested in bath time.

What you need:

- plastic containers (don't use any rigid plastic, as it cracks when the water expands - did you ever expect to learn anything by visiting my blog? No? Well, you did today. Surprised us both)
- plastic animals, or any small toys that are ok to be frozen (here I'm using some wild circus animals that perform stunts willy nilly around our kitchen)
- water
- optional: food colouring

1. Place animal (or small toy) into the plastic container.
2. Fill with water.
3. If you feel the need, you can add food colouring. This adds another dimension to this exercise. But you don't have to. Water au naturel is just as good.

4. Pop into the freezer. Leave until frozen rock-solid (at least a few hours).

5. Once frozen (and it's bath time, or ice cube play time) take out of freezer. We pop them into the bath and let the melting good times begin.

Here at PottyMouthMama, we know how to party.

The End.


CurlyPops said...

That would be a very cool party in your bath!

Giggling at the word verfication: EQUACKO

Sarah said...

Hey that is GOOD.

Gave me a GOOD laugh as well.

Oh does the food colour stain the bath? or the children (lol)

cindy said...

There you were saying my car wash was a great idea and you were sitting on this pearler. Tricky mama.

zofia said...

you sure do! I'm trying this next hot day- love it!

A said...

Moo is going to love it when I do this! Maybe I could even swap hubby's soap for an ice cube and wait for the scream....

Libby said...

What a great idea!!! I might even do this at the kindy I work at, it's been soooo hot here the last few days.
Thanks for the inspiration, it's just what I needed.

Michelle said...

Love it! Will try this tomorrow for sure.

Home Girl said...

just found this idea & your blog via madame bird bath. am always greatful for new wacky tricks to have up my sleeve esp in this hot weather. looking forward t having a further poke around your blog