Friday, 16 January 2009

Ideas For Super Hot Weather

Here are some ideas for hot weather, most specifically, when the air-conditioner is gone, and you're too scared of funnel webs to go swimming:

- go shopping in a big shopping centre (you don't have to buy anything, just enjoy that chilled air that they're pumping out)

- hit the library. It's free. The above is testament to what happens when we hit the library. We have a 20 book limit per library card. Lucky I forgot the Doctor's card so we couldn't go gung-ho to 40.

- ice cubes are good. Yes. And the little ones love ice cubes, watching them, crunching on them. They're great in the bath too. If you put some water in a container and put some of the kids animals in them in the water, then freeze them, then by their evening bath, they have icebergs to watch melt and the animals are freed! Trust me. It's genius.

- keep the curtains closed and watch some great movies. For now, I have to be content watching Thomas the Tank Engine *yawn*

- strictly no baking - no matter how badly you're hankering for those choc chip cookies - no baking!

- book a date with your lover and go to the movies. darkness, great movie, even greater company - can't fault it. Perhaps a choc top too?

- which brings me to my next point: eat some ice cream.

- if all else fails, eat some more ice cream, it's my current modus operandi - and it's working (on expanding my waist line I suspect).

What are your tactics for beating the big heat?


CurlyPops said...

Just need to find myself a lover so I can hit the movies (and their free air-con).

Bird Bath said...

Last summer when we were experiencing a chronic heatwave we built cubby houses from wet sheets. These cool igloos were dry in 20 mins!
I also like to make vienamese rice paper rolls - using crunchy cool veg like beanshoots, capsicum, carrots etc.

Love the frozen iceblock tute - that will bring a new excitement level to bath time around here:)

cindy said...

I fell in love with Glen when he gave me free gelato, oh dear does that make me sound cheap. It was the special tim tam and pistacio sort.

Stacey said...

Rice paper rolls are my favourite hot day dinner as well.

Shopping centres are an excellent (if expensive!) hot weather tip.