Friday, 9 January 2009

Progress Report: Not To Be Sneezed At

Dear Diary,

So I continued on with my wonky little project to hand.

Dear Diary, I had to intermittently take breaks because for some unknown reason, I felt a lot of pressure with this stitchery.. I'm worried she'll think it's too wonky.

But besides some little hearts I want to add - and I mean little as in teeny tiny, I think it's done. Cute? Quaint? Will my friend know how I love her so?

What do you think Diary?

I'm starting another, and I hope to be a little more lucid with this one. I'm thinking of letting go of the uptight me, the one that's worrying, and just go forth and create. I hope this works dear Diary, because otherwise I may have to take stress leave from my embroidery.

Pimp Stitch always has some awesome ideas. Inspirations. Colours. Ideas.. Ahh I can tap that.

In other reports, I have three things that I am sending to Pip. In exchange, she's sending me three things. I hope she likes the three things I have carefully selected for her. I'm doing well with my decluttering. I've already taken two big boxes to the op shop, with plans for more next week. Monday - Post Office.

Anyway diary, I'm feeling weary. Must go brush my hair one hundred times, repaint my fingernails, apply my fake tan with one hand and stare longingly at my Rick Astley posters. A busy day.



Libby said...

I love it, I recently discovered pimp stitch too! Check out Sublime Stitching and Feeling Stitchy if you haven't already. They are full of great ideas. Your work looks lovely and I'm sure the lucky recipient will be really chuffed, I know I would be.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I really admire anyone who can stitch letters. Such a gorgeous gift for your friend. Its just beautiful.

Which is more than I can say for having this running round my head for the rest of the day ...
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you

I think I have just been unwittingly Astleyed.

cindy said...

Who needs pimp stitching when you can have pmm stitching. I hope they love it, why wouldn't they - I would trade GLen in just to get married again and score one.
As for wonky - there is no such thing as bad craft just funny stories!
Please inform those silly people at you tube that Mr Astley COULD not of been over 20 years ag o too - sheesh

Blossom said...

its lovely.I love anything handmade.
I love to embroider..but I am NOT fond of lettering.

teddybearswednesday said...

I think it's beautiful if I got that I would be over the moon. Wonky is good too you know.

Cath said...

it looks great, you alwyas make me laugh... the fact that you have been so careful shows how important it is to you. good on you for actually doing it!