Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Aftermath

The handkerchief has been gifted. The wedding is over. I was the last bridesmaid standing. All the others flew the coup. How did it happen? Perhaps my dancing scared them off. I am known to break out a bit of line-dancing and slap leather. Yeeeeehaaaw!

In any event it was a wonderful day. The ceremony so moving. I never cry at weddings, but several times had to fend off the tears. Never fear, I didn't let a tear roll - I didn't want to ruin my make-up.

And now here's the aftermath. The anti-climax if you will.

Though for me it's all about letting the good times roll.

My sister and her family have just moved back to Sydney. How totally and utterly exciting for us. This can only mean good things for me. Let the good times roll sister! Those who thrift together, stay together. Or haggle between one another for the best of the best at the markets, the op shops, oh such fun.

And me. Well I'm enjoying a little downtime. I didn't get a chance to get started on the next handkerchief, so thought I might do something today, as well as juggle some work and of course - be a mama. Then I'll post it over to my friend for when she arrives back in London...

For now, I'm still madly de-cluttering, filling my house with pink carnations (what in tarnation, it's a carnation!), setting up the raddest track alive courtesy of this very generous lady, and trying to move as little as possible because it's so impossibly hot-hot-hot.

PS - The winner of my giveaway is Taccolina. Hit me with your address and I'll promptly clutter your house for you!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

There's nothing like a line-dancing bridesmaid ... hopefully not during the bridal waltz, though?

Nice collection of floss you've got there. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful stitching.

cindy said...

Glad to hear that you sister made it safe and sound! I know how excited you are to have her back!
Line dancing - should I be more surprised? You can teach us some moves, I knew I missing something.

Ellieboo said...

I really think I want to see you dancing - it sounds very interesting. Is it time for a video? Come on share with us :)

JustJess said...

Assuming that the hanky went down well? Looks like you are set up for the production of many more!

THE ESSESS said...

Having just moved back to my sisters I understand the excitement!! Love the sisters who thrift together! Curlypops and I are heading out to the Op Shops for a second time this week on friday... Such fun!!

Leni and Rose said...

Oh how exciting, what fun you and your sister will have!

And, hey, nothing wrong with a bit o line dancin, much cooler than the macarina!! :)

Leni and Rose said...

Forgot to mention, thats a really cool carnation photo!

Taccolina said...

Yaaayyyy... I just did a mini-Mexican wave in front of my computer. Sad but true. I'll email you!

Love the carnation photo! I used to share a house wit a florist, and she told us that if we ever brought home carnations she'd throw us out. They're much maligned, and I think your picture shows why. Very pretty.

Do I win a sorting-out service to arrange all of my embroidery threads as neatly as yours?

Monique said...

Lovely pic of carnations. Am looking forward to hearing of the adventures you get up to with your sister. They are treasures!