Monday, 2 February 2009

Aye Aye Tailor!*

Tonight I learnt how to tailor tack. Do you know how to tailor tack? Clearly, my life was lacking, I was in wont, and now my life is fulfilled. I know how to tailor tack. Go me!
This is it. My top in progress. Looks like just a bit of fabric? Well - look closer and you can see my mean overlocking! Look even closer and you can see my tailor tacking AND pins for the pleats. Wow - it was a big night for me. I wasn't meant to overlock - but I snuck on anyway, given it's my favourite part!

And look what followed me home. This Fisher Price puppy walker thing. I'm going to give it a bath with some nice disinfectant and Tiny can try it out.

AND - I promised a shot of my colourful flowers. They're still not potted. Tomorrow, once the Doctor returns from pre-school perhaps?

* PottyMouthMama supplies all puns free of charge. She will never charge you for a pun. Not once. Enjoy them. As many as you like. She's bound to load at least one into each post.


cindy said...

I love a potty pun. The sewing is looking so good! with covert overlocking and all. There is a bit of a power rush when it come to a bit of overlocker action, I think that is why it is Caleb's favourite too.
Puppy is great I am sure Tiny will be in Puppy love. Love all the potted goodness too, gotta love a bit of gardening.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oooh, you've gone all old school with those tailor tacks - I love it. No disappearing, rubbing-out, soluble marker thingies for you! Love the fabric you have chosen for your top. Can't wait to see the finished garment, complete with pleats. (PS. I read the pun several times and feel I got rather good value it out of it).

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Ms Emma Aprons-and-Hammers was just over at mine sipping jasmine tea and we were talking about how much we LOVE your blog and its' potty-ness. Don't go changing!