Friday, 27 February 2009

Sewing Scoop de la Scoop

I think it's week four of sewing classes. I seem to be the dunce in the class, always getting a rap over the knuckles for a number of reasons:

a) not being able to get the bobbin in
b) over-stitching
c) accidentally tacking the wrong piece
d) generally not knowing how to sew

Last week I left with a battered ego. If I wasn't getting in trouble at the Doctor's pre-school for lunch packing technique, I was getting chastised in front of my whole class for my lack of sewing prowess.

Never mind.

I am on the home run for my top. I won't show you it this week. There's not much to show. I'm just hand-sewing the hem, finishing the darts and when I have finished it, I will show you (until then, remember to breathe).

But I am steaming ahead with my stitching. Well slowly steaming. After all, I am the slow stitcher. (See how I got sick of stitching in purple, so I've switched to the pink just for fun - and crazy as it seems, that's what stitching is for me - fun to the power of rad (and something to do while watching this - did you watch it?? That Claire Verity is one nutcase)).

And before you think I am some kind of creative genius, these designs are all from Jenny Hart's 'Sublime Stitching'.

So now it's Friday. Thank goodness. The whole weekend awaiting our hands to mould it into whatever it will be.

We have a fairy & pirate party to attend. Excellent! Tiny cupcakes to be baked. Yeehaaaar! What fun stuff are you up to this weekend? Do tell!


Cindy said...

I am so a fan of the changing colour half way through. Your stitching is so pretty, mine is more abstract (is that the nice word for messy).
I am not sure about all this negative talk coming your way. I am sure you are learning to sew just as quick asa I did. It does take a while, don't be disheartened.
Hope you have a great week-end!!

Bek said...

I got busted a fair bit when Caleb first started at preschool, but have learned the ropes now, 12 months on. I also used to get busted in sewing lessons in year 7 which is why I took a 19 year break from sewing, resuming last year.

And I am totally with you on Claire Verity... what's with the 3 hours of outdoor time?

I love the birdy.

Enjoy your weekend!

Amy (badskirt) said...

maybe one day you can teach me to handstitch? I'd very much love to learn to stitch like you. I like your treatment of the bird. I like your flowers and tea towels. I want to raid bins with you and live in a little dollhouse with the doctor and lizards?

hello from vegas!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

I watched the first episode... and decided it was just too awful. I heard abt the 2nd episode at my mums group the next day and we all agree - she is a nutcase and she should be strapped into something and sent outside in the cold for a very very long time (she prob was a child and that's why she's so screwed up?)sad.

Sweet birdie of yours.