Sunday, 8 March 2009

Magical March: Day 8

Are you feeling it? In Sydney, it's overcast, a little cool, perfectly Autumnal. Ideal for snuggling under quilts and watching old movies.

Well. If I didn't have two wee ones, perhaps that's what we'd be doing.

But instead, we went to Bunnings this morning. One of my favourite places to visit. You may think I am odd - but there's something about a hardware store that gets me. Maybe it's the endless possibilities. It makes me feel excited. Gets me thinking about our home and how we can make it ours (no mean feat when you live with your in-laws). I left with two plastic storage boxes to keep the big, fat silverfish at bay, and a tube of gap sealant. Exciting, non?

It's raining too. Just the sound of drizzle. Even more perfect for snuggling, snoozing. Baking. We're making lasagne for dinner.

Today? What's Magical? Sundays are always pretty good in my book. But today I got to finish some old projects. Gulp. Remember these PJs? Well now they finally have buttons.


Cindy said...

Ahhh home made jimjams they are indeed magical! Going to make my growing sprouts some soon.
Who doesn't love Bunnings, except that it is always freezeing it is a great aladin's cave.

A said...

Ooooo, I love Bunnings too! I even ask for vouchers for Christmas/birthdays! Spending them is sooooo much fun.

JustJess said...

I too love the endless possibilities presented by Bunnings. Craft aisle, storage boxes, paint, tiles for mosaic, bloody marvellous. Those pjs are sensational too - well done.