Monday, 9 March 2009

Magical March: Day 9

I'm kicking goals today. Mopped the floors, almost finished the washing, doing some work, getting ready for sewing, baked ANZAC biscuits before pre-school and then - forgot to go to the accountant to organise my tax. For last year. No amount of diarising reminded me of this little gem.

So now I am being studious and getting organised. Because for me, being organised means I can not possibly forget. Well I can, but getting organised means a bit of work - and at this stage it means hole punching a whole lot of paperwork and filing it so it stops floating around our house.

I seem to hoard as much for as long as I can and then get sick of old bills etc being around, so then I file them.

I'm interested to know, I try to have as little paper around as possible, but there always seems to be a tidal wave of paper propaganda floating in the mail. What do you do with yours?

Not exactly Magical - but let's call today - Methodical.


Maggie May said...

i started buying organizing containers that were practical but also very pretty, so i'm more likely to use them, and get more pleasure out of them.

Christie said...

uuugh! paper, it drives me crazy. i have folders set up for paperwork & i try to keep it all under control.
I WANT to scan them all one day, but i haven't gotten around to it...

Michelle said...

That's funny, I was thinking of doing a post to ask how others tame the paper tiger myself. What a nightmare!

We only posted off last year's tax returns on Friday because we're just so super organized!

Amber said...

My study looks like a paper factory...never ending.
But i still love your magical march and love playing

Home Girl said...

go girl! no filing tips to be had here - complete chaos x