Thursday, 2 April 2009

Do You Ever Take Pets Shopping?

Tiny and I went grocery shopping today. I had been putting it off for almost a fortnight. We'd been living on rice and red beans. Not really, but it was beginning to feel that way. I managed to pry myself off the couch and go where no trolley had been before. Ok they've been there plenty of times. Let's face it. Those trolleys are dirty, heinous little creatures that stay out late and get... trollied.

Tiny and I conquering the aisles. Look at us shop. Woohooo! We're like Thelma and Louise of the supermarket. Watch us ride over the edge of the frozen section.

It was only when we got to the checkout that I realised I had inadvertently brought one of our pets with us. I saw a silverfish scuttle from one of our green bags under the scales. Yuck. I pretended I didn't see him, though he was a rather over-sized little blighter. Double yuck. Anyone got any cures for silverfish? I keep bringing them up here because they keep appearing - right here. Right in my little home. I don't dig 'em.

On a brighter note, the Doctor stayed home and hung out with my parents in law. He came back into our house hauling some mean loot. One of which was this delectable box - how gorg is that? Now I'm just figuring out how many Thomas trains it will take to switch it out and make it mine. Mwhahahaha.


Daisigirl said...

I enjoy reading your posts so much! Your writing is so fun! That box is really nifty! What was it used for, do you know?

Ellieboo said...

what an evil "mwahahaha" scared me!

Leonie said...

There's a yellow flowering herb with sort of fluffy leaves that you hang in the cupboards to keep silverfish at bay. can't remember the name, will have to ask mum, but the smell I can almost smell. Weird. Here you go it was tansy. This link gives a lot of natural methods for deterring the little critters

Kirsty said...

It's gorgeous!

Sorry 'bout the silverfish.

pepper said...

i just nominated you for a lemonade award and linked to you from my blog :)
(and the box is sweet, you shoudl certainly do some trading there!)

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

that box is so cute and silverfish EEEK!! i'm hoping we don't get any scorpion nests near out house.