Monday, 6 April 2009

An Eggy Update

Have you ever had eggnog? I've not, I used to think it sounded terribly romantic, until I read a recipe and realised that it truly involves eggs. Ik! Eggs are not so romantic in my book. However, the Doctor and I have been getting into our Easter crafts with great aplomb, there goes my house cleaning for the morning. Oh well. We've got results peeps, and they're quite cute.

First up for this morning: foam eggs. We painted two of these babies with a mix of acrylic paint and PVA glue. This seals the foam and allows for an optimum work surface. We also stuck a wooden skewer in them to minimise paint/PVA mess, and fingerprints on the egg. This is just the first step on this egg craft journey. Stay tuned.
Second egg craft activity: foam eggs with fabric scraps. PVA glue is required again, wooden skewer is optional (I went without, the Doctor went with), I chopped up small scraps to make them even smaller, then we went to work sticking them randomly onto the foam egg. I wonder if you can guess which is mine and which is the Doctor's?
Third egg craft for today: as blogged about earlier, this one's straight from Amber's idea factory. It's easy and quick to realise your Easter egg dreams. All you need is some cardboard, an egg shape (I used a cookie cutter and drew freehand because my middle name is Matisse - ok ok, it's not, but it could be if I changed it by deed poll), some foil, some paint and some cotton tips, or the end of your paint brush. Here's where my key learning comes in for today. Don't put out more than 2 paints, unless you dig on the colour brown.
You know brown is great if it's chocolate, dirt, cake or a little cat or shaggy dog, but I am not a big brown fan. I saw a woman on the weekend dressed head to toe in brown. I'm talking, dark brown hair, brown sunglasses, brown top, brown skirt, brown tights, brown shoes, brown handbag, everything BROWN. Hey lady, you're not a gigantic walking, talking poo, stop with the brown.

Back to the crafting at hand. A good time was had by all.

Oh we did manage to do one other crafty eggy thing. I picked up this neat little pack of dyes from the local IGA (for international readers, that's a small, independent, local supermarket) for next to nix. We popped some boiled eggs in the dye mix and look at those colours. Loving them.
And now friends, it is time for the small fry to sleep and for me to make hay.


Miss Muggins said...

You are a crafting machine! You are on a roll, or is that an egg roll! Just yolking! Looks like so much fun, well done for letting Doc do it his way too. (you can take the girl out of the kinder....but you can't take the kinder outta the gitl!)

Miss Muggins said...

that should read girl, even though git can be closer to the truth sometimes!

Pip said...

I have been busy busy busy! I have not been commenting, but I have been checking in! So just wanted to say that. And I am taking a big slug of wine for you right now... in your honour, of course!

Amber said...

Oh there is some gorgeous things there. We have also been crafting up an easter storm here too.
Heaps of fun..xx

Anonymous said...

we have been going egg crazy as well, Your eggs look fab!

Laura Jane said...

Hey those eggs look great!

I wonder if they egg-dye could be used for dyeing wool? Is it a permanent dye?

I must look for some and see...

(ooh wv is 'unglop')

Christie said...

i can so tell which egg was the dr's

pity your isn't as neat!!!

mama mogantosh said...

I too have that 'everything turns to brown' problem when putting out paints with the two-year-old. I have to remind myself that it's the process, not the outcome that's important... but your outcome looks good too.....and three craft projects completed! You're a machine.

Home Girl said...

think ill treat my lot to that fab foil egg idea - thanks for the tip. u are amazing am in awe of your super craft powers