Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Vested Interest

I've started stitching some little singlets for Tiny. I've never made anything for her, except the pom-poms, and this is only small. But from little things..

Stitching is like keeping time. I know when things are made because of the size or the style of my stitch. As I learn, I evolve my work, it's just small. It's just little. But little snippets of my creativity might just make it into my little people's lives when they are older.

More little things over here.


pepper said...

oh tre cute! :)
x Pepper

Home Girl said...

lucky tiny, must b so satisfying to noice your skills evolving. i never tend to stick at things for long enough to discover that joy! lots to catchup on with your blog - looks like u are in full creative flight xx

messenger said...

They are so sweet and must be kept in a special box once they're outgrown.
I'm not sure if you need this wee tip or not - but - it is helpful to have some iron-on interfacing on hand when you want to stitch/appliqué something - helps to stop the edges fraying and you don't need to worry 'bout hemming or unravelling edges after a few wears/washes... maybe you already know! Lovely creative goodness, thanks for your blog xo