Monday, 13 April 2009

I'm Back. And 20 Kilos Heavier.

Ahhh Easter, how we love you so. If only I wasn't prone to eating so much chocolate. I've finally overdosed and am on the search for anything salty to tame my taste buds. I'm sure though, I'll be ready for more doses of chocolate later in the week (like I need it).

Ahhh Easter, if only you could have given me some self control, rather than chocolate. I'd quite like that. The ability to say, no I couldn't possibly eat my 50th Easter egg. Or no, no, thanks that first piece of Easter cake was delicious, I couldn't possibly go another. Or even, no one glass of wine is plenty for me. If only.

So now our little family is coming down off the chocolate-y high that is Easter. After a wonderful weekend away visiting my family, driving home in the rain, bumper to bumper in traffic, curling towards the city, thoughts turn to normal life, and oh how I pine to escape again, once more out of the city.

Hello egg lovers, how was your Easter?

PS - I do believe I only have 9 (!) entries to the GEORGIE LOVE SUPERSONIC BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY. Yowsers. Where is everyone? Want to enter? It's super dooper easy. And chances of winning at this stage are ridiculoulsy good. 1 in 3 punters are going to win at this rate. If you know what's good for you, enter now (pictured above is one of the three gorgeous prizes - this one is a ridiculously cute wooden bead bracelet from Dick & Dora)!


Michelle said...

I think everyone's been kidnapped by Twitter!

Cindy said...

Glad you had a lovely week-end with the fam. Glad that you managed to come home - why do I think you nearly put up camp and stayed.

Beth said...

I, thankfully, don't have a massive sweet tooth for chocolate. The problem is, when it's around I'll pick at it out of habit, even if I don't feel like it... :( But it's all of the bready things - like yummy hot crossed buns and fruity loaves - that got to me! Glad you had a good easter!