Friday, 10 April 2009


Yikes. Christie is probably going to knee-cap me with her thimble for being incredibly tardy, but I had a brain block, got stage fright and essentially, was just very disorganised.

But folks, I finally, well I should say, we finally got our Great Mail Swap posted (and we've already received a gorgeous lil letter from Charlie!).

The Doctor has been singing Happy Easter to us to the tune of Happy Birthday for the last couple of days. He knows someone fluffy with a cute tail brings something sweet on Sunday. We're off to visit my parents in Tamworth.

Have a wonderful Easter with your families. Peace out.


Leonie said...

You are up on the computer early this morning, but then again so am I!!

Have a great Easter, we are heading down Gippsland way to Mum's for a couple of days.

Safe travelling.

A new version of Happy Birthday for you: Lots of chocolate for you, lots of chocolate for you, lots of chocolate for yooouuuu, lots of chocolate for you!

Christie said...

Watch out for me & my thimble..!?

Have been watching DEXTER of late so it would probably be my rotary cutter!

I can't really tell anyone off, we posted our letters late - opps!

Bec said...

Happy Easter!!! Here's to chocolate and cotton-tailed critters :)

Phiphi said...


Leonie said...

An award for you over at my blog!