Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Autumnal Afternoon Walks

The smalls and I have been enjoying afternoon walks. We make our way, late afternoon, down to the park, in time for the smalls to play for a while, the Doctor scoots around the path on his scooter, Tiny goes crawling off into the crisp leaves. It's clear from her expression that she's having a hoot.
Tiny loves the swing, and it's usually at this time that Matt rolls in fresh off the train.
We've been enjoying the fresh Autumn air on our faces, watching the trees shift from greens into golds, reds, leaves crunchy underfoot. Sometimes the smell of someone's fire, the Doctor asks me why they have a fire. Conversations transpire, conversations evolve. The Doctor shows us his break dancing, begs to go and play leaf races. Alas, there's been no rain lately, so leaf racing is off the walking menu. But we make our way through the second park and watch the dogs prance around on their evenings walks. We greet strangers. And those who divert their eyes - as though we're imaginary - I make sure I say an extra jovial hello. What am I, cellophane??

I don't think I've ever enjoyed Autumn as much as I do now that I have children. It's like rediscovering each of the seasons all over again.


Megan: The Byron Life said...

I loved reading this. I feel that way about so many things - that I had forgotten how good they were, or never experienced them so intensly, until I had children.

the ungourmet said...

Beautiful post! I love your writing, it's like I'm right there walking with you! :0)

Have a lovely Fall Day!

Cindy said...

I love the walks with my 2 as well, though ours seem to end in tantrums, and that is just me. Caleb loves his scooter outings and Poppy pushes her little pram along - such a funny little convoy we are with dog in tow.

Kirsty said...

So true...everything seems much more "real" once you've got kids.

Autumn is my favourite time of year.

teddybearswednesday said...

This is such a wonderful post. I can read it over and over. THank you for your sweet comments on my blog they mean a lot!
(I really love your blog)
( and I remember danger Mouse too! Amazing ! Danger MOuuusee!)

Stacey said...

I love Autumn. This is without a doubt my favourite time of the year.