Monday, 11 May 2009

Danger Mouse

Remember that show from when you were small? Amazing! Astounding! Danger Mouse! What kind of mouse couldn't be cool wearing an eye patch?

Well today my cheeky little mouse decided to be Danger Mouse. Tiny has taken to, with great aplomb, going into rooms and closing doors. She thinks it's a super great joke. This morning she was in the bathroom, and was calling out, 'til her Mama dutifully rescued her.

Shortly after she went into her room. Disappeared for a while, didn't she? Uh-huh.

Then she started calling out sounding a little distressed. Fear not, I wasn't far away. She was testing out her independence. I knew she'd closed her bedroom door and snuck in there to get into mischief. Hand on the door knob, turn, and the door does not open. What does one do in this situation? Just what does one do? Try the door knob again. No cigar. Clearly the door knob has fallen off (as it has become prone to do) and now I can't open it. Ergh.

Start breathing a little heavier. What to do, what to do. Window is closed. Not skinny enough to slide down a small space between staircase and room. Thankfully at this time my father-in-law walked in.
I had by this called Matt (on the phone) and subsequently hung up on him when my FIL walked in. I cried out for help.
He came to the rescue with a hammer and smashed a window to release Tiny. Phew. We smashed the window MacGyver stylie. (Did you watch Lawrence Leung 'Choose Your Own Adventure' on the ABC? GOLD!)

Tiny's foray into locking herself into rooms. Hmm. That's certainly not the injection of excitement I've been looking for.

PS - I quit my sewing classes today. Ole!


Amy (badskirt) said...

Poor tiny, locked in a room and lonely. Glad to here your Macguyvered her out. Even better to learn that you've moved on from that sewing class. I'm pretty sure it's been holding you back.

jodi said...

In the weeks following the birth of che i always used to have dreams about leaving him in the car, or accidentally locking him in his room. Apparently it's quite normal for new mums to dream these things - i suppose it was what i feared subconsciously.
i'm happy tiny is safe and no doubt it will be a good story for you to bring up at her 21st.
ps - the yoga. I'm glad I planted the seed in your mind. Perhaps you can substitute sewing for yoga? x

Cass said...

Oh no at least you got her out. Be careful if she is prone to shutting doors. When Charlotte was maybe about 2 or so I was out hanging the washing out and she shut the laundry door and I was locked out. I had to scale the fence and ring my auntie from a neighbour's house to come with the spare key.

Leonie said...

I have always been very glad that the door handles are my shoulder height in our house, the children aren't tempted to shut the doors until they know they can get out!!

Christina Lowry said...

Poor mummy and Tiny! Thank goodness for FILs. Reminds me of a story about my friend. She went outside for a moment and her 2 year old locked her out. She was stuck on the back deck trying to teach him how to unlock the sliding door to no avail. Her phones kept ringing as her hubby and friends wondered where she was, while her son walked around with his toy phone pretending to talk evertime the phone rang! Eventually she got downstairs and put a brick through the laundry window and climbed in and on to the washing machine, only to find that the door from the laundry to the house was locked! After breaking the lock with the tools she had been nagging her hubby to put away, she was back with her boy.
The things we mothers do! :)

Kirsty said...

Have broken into numerous houses to rescue children (all less worried than me).

Hooray for quitting sewing.

Cindy said...

I think that may be Glens plan for Poppy in the future - good luck trying to keep her anywhere I say. Glad you were all ok.
Hooray for no more sewing classes, but I am expecting to see more updates though - "Don't stop, don't give up"