Saturday, 30 May 2009

I May Be Sporting A Wee Hangover

So instead of banging on about anything, I'm going to send you off to other people. I'm tucked up under a quilt, sipping on lemonade, a box of tissues keeping me company. I'm sad like that.

Looking for an international man of mystery? Nan has some spectacular insights into French lurve.

Feel like a weekend trip to Tasmania? Fancy a seat on the fanciest red tractor? Go visit Michelle. She's been checking out the auctions.

Pip has a genius feline in her presence. As well as a piece in The Age (for some reason I can't link but definitely worth a read! - click over here).

Cindy's asking the big question - Why Do You Blog? My answer - because it's like my online diary, I am bollocks at keeping a written journal; and because I love to write.

And last of all, I'm sending you off to listen to some music. Put your feet up toots, sit back and enjoy one of my all time favourite songs. Have I shared this before?

Ahem. Image is yet another shameless hint for Matt. Pink Schwinn makes me go schawing!


Uli said...

Lemonade is helpful for a hangover - or any illness. I also recommend a Big Mac, perfect mixture of grease, salt and sugar.

Feel better.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Oh dear ... I hate that old do the crime, do the time feeling. Hopefully by Sunday you will feel much better.

(What should I make of the word verification thingy which is "hoedirt" ... is there a special message for me there??)

pepper said...

i am a wee bit hungover today too. comfort in soladarity.. (lemonade is a GREAT idea, I'm off to find some)

Cindy said...

Thank you for adding to my blogging queries, and I think that your blog is fantastic Miss. Even for hungover you still managed to find so much good stuff.