Sunday, 31 May 2009

Jean Genie

If you're like me, then your jeans are a favourite item in your wardrobe, nay - they could even be the item du jour. Every. Single. Day. I love that familiar softness that just eases you in. That denim - it has the capacity to woo me. And is wildly utilitarian. I can go from playing on the floor with the smalls, wipe some random baby food and have it camouflaged in the denim. Then commando roll out the door to go out dinner (ok ok, like that ever happens - the dinner out thing).

Jeans are an old comfort to me. I keep a few old pairs (just in case I ever revert back to my pre-baby body anytime soon - or maybe they're just in the wardrobe to haunt me, taunt me), but I definitely have my favourites. Lately my they're a pair of Wranglers. Old school cool. None-of-that-ridiculous-mortgage-your- children-to-buy-one-pair-of-denims for me.

Considering denim jeans started life as the hard wearing, low cost fabric in the 18th century, why have the prices spiralled out of control - and more importantly - why do designers think it's ok to charge a Bombfunk MC for this favourite of gold miners and cowboys. Yeeehaw!

Giddy up! I don't think so. I'm not going to be duped. The most expensive pair I own doesn't even fit me properly - it gapes at my derriere (I'm sure they're not the only ones gaping at my derri) and borders on being quite rude! The cheaper ones - like a glove, baby.

So in the interests of recession busting, you can always go to the op shops. That's if you are one heck of a cool kid and love high waisted and/or acid wash and have the cool factor to rock 'em like they oughta be rocked. I myself have never been lucky enough to score a good fitting pair of denims at the oppy. I have to go fresh off the rack. But some people have all the luck. So worth a shot.

But what I'm wanting to tell you about is this. Finally - hooray - she's here at the crux of her denim essay. Cheap Monday. You probably already know about them. If you do, I'm reminding you. If you don't, listen up.

Seriously good quality denims for next to nix. We likey! (Plus they're also doing a mean range of cool sneakers too.) They created a range of denim to sit comfortably amidst a range of higher priced fashion. It works people, it really does.

Here's a great vid about the gang behind the label (Swedishly cool). Here's their website.
Looking to hook yourself up with some new denim delights? Stockists include:
Sydney's Tuchuzy stores, Melbourne's Fat stores. Or you can buy online from Tobi.


Home Girl said...

i'm a high waisted jeans girl normally (u shod try it v flattering) so really hating not being able to pull off that look right now. love the cheap mondays - they r best jeans brand in my book too

Home Girl said...

oh i love being a poster girl for extreme denim moments!

here r a couple of acid wash posts;

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

I to love denim. Wear jeans EVERY DAY. I too have never found a pair that fit in an oppy. I seem to go very well in cheap shops with denim -love denim with a bit of stretch in it...and as I am tall I get very excited when they are long enough for me. In fact i love denim so much that being able to wear jeans to work was a major factor in the degree I chose to do and subsequent career path!!!

pepper said...

ooh jeans.. being a bit of a giant as I am, I need to sew on extra denim at the bottom of.every.pair.. my last much-loved pair finally fell to shreds and I haven't had the chance to buy/add on to another pair yet.. missing them indeed. (tracky-pants every day just doesn't work quite so well..)

Rach said...

Mmm, love jeans. But as a laaaarge lassie, the choice is a little limited. Must admit I am bit middle aged these days and seem to head to sportscraft for some dark, dark demin. The pre-baby, pre-fat day jeans are still here - something to look at every now and then.

Stacey said...

My current favourite jeans are my best ever pair.
I bought them last year for much more than I would usually pay and I love them to death. I like to calculate their value on a dollar per wear basis, that way their exorbidant cost seems more reasonable.

Cindy said...

I haven't heard of these ones before, I will so have to check them out.