Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I Don't Get Out Much Pt 2

It's been months since I last scavenged some rubbish from the side of the road. Some readers may think I've gone into rehab, but I'm just starting to get the cold sweats. Hallucinations (is that a Parker sideboard in the park?!). I'm wearing tracksuits twenty-four-seven. I haven't washed my hair in weeks. Make-up..? What's that?

The cold hard facts are people, that even the rubbish has been hit by the recession.

No one is throwing anything out these days. Not even the rich people. Not even the people who inherit stuff. They're just shoving all the excess up their un-used chimney flues. They're sewing their old teddy bears into clothing. Pretty soon previously fashion-savvy business men are going to start wearing teddy bear couture as opposed to Zegna. And what about the crockery? I used to find mountain loads tossed out. Now what are they doing with it? I hate to think they're... using it. I'm blocking my ears at the very thought.

Times are tough, and you know who's feeling it the most. Me.

People. I need your rubbish. It gives me unexpected excitement. Cast your mind back to the days when I'd wait for rubbish night to go rummaging through the bin. Baying at the moon. Those were the days my friends, I thought they'd never end.

I'm like a wild hyena sniffing around in the bushes with no fresh furniture carcasses to haul back home. What's going down? What's a gal to do for fun?

I've been continuing my decluttering phase and taking some of the bin paraphernalia to the op shop. Maybe this will set things right again in the world and I will stumble across the next big haul.

PS - Image totally unrelated. Since so many of you* have been asking about the Doctor's scarf I started six years ago, here it is. Getting more scarf like by the minute. Oh and a small vintage belt buckle that I found (in a shop - doesn't count) a few weeks ago. You can't see here but a tiny, tiny, dainty diamante is in the middle. Love that inky blue.

* Read... no one. Ok ok, no one has asked about the scarf. I shake my fist!


Knorts said...

Love the brooch. Is the wool Debbie Bliss? Wool spotter!

Cindy said...

I may not of asked about the scarf, I just didn't want you to feel pressure, that is all. Oh the doctor - he is a lucky boy, I think it is looking super cool.
We have had hard rubbish here too and nothing much except twigs going out here.

Amy (badskirt) said...

Does the end of that little ball of wool mark the end of the scarf!? Are we nearly there.

Gillian said...

I'm a big believer in op-shop karma.

Rach said...

That scarf is never far from my mind... Well actually, I didn't know about it but now I do!

flossy-p said...

EGADS! GFC hits BIG TIME! What are you going to do? Maybe you can get your smalls to hide some treasures from inside the house around the garden. Then under the cover of darkness you can sneak out at night trying to find what they've hidden.... a therapeutic scavenger hunt if you will.... Just to keep the tiny thrill of a "find" in your life.