Wednesday, 20 May 2009


What happened to me? Once upon a time I used to go dancing on tables, night after night. Eat pizza lying on the couch with my best friend. Drink a cup of conversation for lunch. And be ready to do it all over again. Week after week after week. I like to think I was party personified.

But please note, all of the above is written in past tense.

I have to tell you - I am completely knackered. My back aches. My head is tired. I just want to curl up in bed. Is this normal after two birthdays in three days? Or am I just going soft? I'm not even thirty yet.

We spent yesterday morning at the aquarium, and then raced home so I could bake.

And bake I did. Oh and I haven't even told you about how I picked up a baking dish that had been in the oven for 20 minutes at 230 degrees. With. My. Bare. Hands. I didn't mean to bake my own damn hands. That's for shiz. Needless to say, I am sporting some very, very achey breaky sore hands today.

Please get out the world's smallest violin and play a little solo for me.

The worst thing is, I still am not even remotely organised for the par-tay on Saturday. I've barely done a scratch. Someone, send me Martha Stewart. Someone, send me my old stamina.

I've vaguely worked out the menu (thankfully the party is in the afternoon so I have a little more time up my sleeve).

In fact, gulp, I am madly looking for a tiger costume for the Doctor to wear, because his party theme is party animals. Talk about Straitjacket? Sedatives? Gurney? All sounds good right about now.

Nevertheless, cake was consumed last night, and the Doctor decorated his own. A highlight of the day to be sure, to be sure.

PS - How cool is she? Going to any Sydney Writer's Festival events? Do tell!


Leonie said...

don't you mean OUCH?????? Lord girl slow down before you melt something. Make a list check it twice and no more handling hot stuff fresh from the oven or you won't make it to the weekend!! Look after those hands, they are important every day!

bugmum said...

Oh, I hear ya. I don't think I've seen 10pm in the last nine months. Let me tell ya, motherhood at 36 is so idea how that 66 British woman is going to cope.


Michelle said...

Look at that cake! - The Dr: Masterchef 2010 no probs!

Little Threads said...

ok so as a mum of 3 (and to date 7 parties down), my best tip for b'day parties is DON"T CLEAN THE HOUSE BEFOREHAND. I know you're thinking I'm crazy right? But think about it, we clean like crazy to have the house looking (and smelling) just right, only to have a bunch of 4yr old messmakers storm through, and trash the place. Then you have to go and clean it all over again! Don't bother I say, although a quick wipe down of the loo and picking the knickers up off the floor never goes astray! Good Luck!!!

Little Threads said...

oh and quickest, cheapest and easiest party food: jelly cups, fairy bread, honey joys, chocolate crackles and 'little boys' with tomato sauce.... done! Now have a wine and dance on the table ... (albeit to the Wiggles of course!)

Home Girl said...

hope the party went ace. cant wait to hear your triumphant report