Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Careful (He Might Hear You)

One of my great secret joys. Spying on my smalls. I love watching them when they think they are going unwatched. I love listening to their conversations. I love seeing them interact. Discover. What joy!

Lately I seem to be sitting at my desk and the Doctor is immersed in some TV show or another. No Mummy of the year awards here, but when work has to be done, there are some small concessions. It's not like I'm letting him watch Boogie Nights.

It gives me a sweet thrill to creep up on my smalls (in a very uncreepy manner) and watch from afar. I love these stolen moments. But one must be careful one is not caught (please say that last line in your very best English-speak).

Want to experience more care?


Cindy said...

I so love listening to Caleb and Poppy's converstaions - so sweet and funny.

Loz and Dinny said...

oooo love a bit of private detective agency kidding watching with the soundtrack of 'orrrrr so cute one' going off in your head - priceless

Swirlyarts said...

I do this too - both the sneaking up to listen and the plonking in front of the tv! Anya and Tara come out with such funny things :)

Kylie said...

Yeah, it's the best. A lot of my favourite memories actually. :)K