Saturday, 20 June 2009

Passion Killers

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My husband has a pair of brown socks. But they're not a rich chocolate-y brown. They're an ugly, brown. They make his feet look like a dead person's feet. Like a dead person who's walked 5kms to get to their grave. They are - to be frank - bonafide passion killers.

I've asked him if anything in my wardrobe could be classified as 'passion killing' and his response was my ugg boots. Or as the Doctor calls them, my 'ugg-ly' boots. And he means no pun either.

However I think Matt will find that they're not really part of my wardrobe. They're just part of my strictly at-home-apparel. I would never wear them out (except last week when I went to the library in them because it was so darn cold and my toes would have snapped off without them). So that cancels that out then and that means that my wardrobe is pretty darn perfect. Just like me.

What's a passion killer for you? Clearly, mine is 'dead person brown' socks. (By the way - if Dulux wants to use that as a new name for a brown - please do, I'll take the royalty cheques, I'm sure there are a lot of people wanting to paint their house dead person brown).

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Christina Lowry said...

'Passion killer brown' is in with a chance as a paint name too, I think.

Miss Muggins said...

Passion killer - hubby's new mickey mouse "muscle" top (all the way from Disneyland). Shame he thinks he looks so darn hot!

cristy said...

My husband used to have a pair of old grey boxer shorts that sagged in the butt. I called him elephant bum until he got rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Great post - love it!

My husband loves eating raw spring onion. It's a Balkan thing. So. Not. Hot. A stinker really.

Rach said...

Mmmm, fingers crossed that he is not blogging and will actually read this but I would have to say his old tracky-pant things. I admit he NEVER wears them out of the house and they are only put for the transistion period bewteen removing work clothes and going to bed. He looks fab in everything but no-one really looks good in old stretched pale grey sweatpants. Poor love.

Stacey said...

Apparenty, my flannel nightie coupled with bright pink explorer socks is a passion killer. Fine by me I say.