Friday, 26 June 2009

So Long

When I was 9 or so I had a huge crush on Michael Jackson. AC 4 MJ. I had posters on my bedroom wall. I used to call him on an old phone my sister had painted gold. We'd go on dates. He'd sing songs to me. We'd go on more dates. Michael was my dream man.

I've always loved the guy. No matter what the media said. I couldn't be swayed. He did get a little kooky - but don't we all?

All morning I've been hoping all the media agencies would say 'oh no, we messed up, it's all been a big mistake', but alas, it's not to be.

You know I love a good robot dance, right?

The unrivalled and wickedly talented MJ. There's no one else like him. RIP.


Mel said...

I kinda 'lost' Michael after my love affair with "Off the Wall" at the ripe old age of about ten (oh and I did have a period of time in my teens where I played "Man in the Mirror" over and over again on my walkman), but still very sad that he is gone :(

Christie said...

I used to roller-skate around our carport to Thriller (played on my pink tape deck of course!)

I don't recall having a crush on Michael Jackson, although I did like to think that he & Paul were serenading me in 'The Girl Is Mine'...

He was a musical genius & it was only last weekend I was showing Ryder some of his film clips.

I hope he has found some peace now.

pepper said...

the man could dance! i always loved watchin him dance, an good ol' JT has come close, but none can rival those moves.

Michelle said...

Very sad day. Growing up in the 80s, Michael Jackson was the soundtrack to my school years. So many songs bring back memories. A huge loss. He really was a genius.

Gab* said...

I loved him too, I don't think he was my dream man though! Hubby rang me today when he found out MJ had died to find out if I was OK!

kris said...

Here here!

Thank you for the clips! So good to see!

He did get kooky - not on the way most people do but maybe in proportion to his experiences..?!

Anyway he was an amazing dancer and contributed so much to music! It is such a pity it has taken his death for the world to get past the freaky stuff and remember the good bits.

Home Girl said...

so wish i could moon walk. hubby can sort of which is why i married him!

Maggie May said...

I am a rapid fan. His music has moved throughout my entire life and brought me nothing but joy.l