Sunday, 28 June 2009


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This weekend Matt and I have been discussing Michael Jackson. So many questions. But we got to chatting about the allegations - that were dismissed - about Michael and his young house guests. I didn't ever believe that MJ was guilty. I put it to Matt, that if either of our children were ever abused in such a way - would you really settle out of court? Would you? I know I wouldn't. I'd want that person put away. I'd want justice. There's no amount of money that would settle that.

Now I've just come across this. Jordan Chandler has confessed it was all a big sham concocted by his father - and now Jordan's apologised.

I've been trying to source some old MJ albums, but they're sold out everywhere. That's some kind of sweet poetic justice. Even if it is a small thing.

Go here to read more about Michael's style legacy.


vintagefabricaddict said...

I could not agree more! When my 8yo watched the news and heard MJ was in trouble for 'sharing his bed with a child' she said 'so what, there's nothing bad about sharing your bed with a child, is there?' (we OFTEN snuggle up together). My reply was 'absolutely not.. if you're a good person and I believe Michael was a good person'. May our poor dear friend rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

To me he was a sad figure. Incredibly naive and out of touch with the real world. Perhaps being the family wage earner before your tenth birthday should be listed amongst the many ways to abuse a child...

KerriSackville said...

Completely agree too. Poor guy was immensely damaged.
Now let's just hope his kids manage to come out of this with some chance of a normal life. Unlikely, but perhaps it's not too late.

flossy-p said...

We were talking on the same topic last week. Saying that if those allegations had come out before all his plastic surgery people may have believed he was innocent much more easily. Purely because of his sweet shy personality and appearance.

It was hard believing his side of it at the time, after all his plastic surgery... coming from someone who had clearly lost touch of reality so so far, and of what is "normal". Poor dude.

Christie said...

There is no way I would settle out of court if someone hurt my child, mind you I can't imagine letting my kids have sleepovers at the house of Michael Jackson anyway.

I really hope that he has found peace in death, peace that he didn't have when he was alive. He was a musical genius & unfortunately he didn't have a childhood & I think was probably surrounded by people his entire life who didn't have his best interests at heart, but rather their own.

Nikkers said...

When all is said and done, what Michael Jackson will be remembered for is his musical talents, trendsetting fashion style, dance moves (Will the moon walk ever be forgotten?)and ground breaking music videos.
His music is among the soundtracks of my life - I can remember singing Ben in the school choir in Year 2 and somehow scraping the money together to buy the Thriller LP as a teenager.
He was obviously a troubled/damaged person who never knew the joys of being a child.
hopefully he now has peace.