Wednesday, 24 June 2009

You Don't Know Unless You Ask

Remember when I was writing about good intentions, and the beautiful roses we walk past sometimes? Well today on our walk (this is a constant lately, yes?) Tiny and I happened upon the lady in the garden. So we started chatting. It's nice to chat to elderly people. I think so anyway. They hold such wisdom, experience and knowledge - that seems to come with age. Just last week I got chatting to a 92 year old war veteran who was blinded in Burma - told you I get chatting.

Back to the garden. She told me that she's not much of a rose gardener, but she keeps them going in her father's memory. He was an avid rose grower, and they had over 50 rose bushes one time. Now they're getting old, they're getting black spot, and she's afraid she doesn't really know how to grow them. But to me they still look beautiful, and my goodness, you've never smelt roses this rosey. She pointed out roses that were planted in 1921 and 1922.. I love learning little snippets of history, no matter how small, it paints a picture of people.

I'm enjoying getting out into the sunshine. When it's here. For the most part, I am bunkered down inside. I've been sewing a little, baking a little, sleeping very little, and watching Tiny do the zombie baby walk. It might be Winter but it's not for long.


Gab* said...

It is nice to talk to old people and they usually love kids, I'm sure she would have loved it that you and Tiny stopped. Veterans have some pretty amazing stories.

Anonymous said...

You are on an age theme this week. I suppose that birthdays does make one contemplate. I am sorry to hear of recent troll references. I just dont understand people who act with malice. INMHO i do think you are absolutely terrific and beautiful. I just wish my son has chosen a partner who exudes such style and love for life. I am much older than you but you have restored my faith in your generation. I spent some time reading your stories and you reminded me of myself when I was young and free spirited. I too grew up in the country and so much of your thoughts are stored in my heart. Much Love and Anonymous reader!.

I prefer to respond anonymously as I dont want to give our my name as people may just think I am old and husband of 40 years died last year. I get comfort from reading and sincei have discovered the web, you have been a source of comfort and reminded me of so many things. We forget as we grow older and you made me realise that vanity is but a temporary thing. Life throws up many challenges which are more important than idle comments from envious people.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your birthday. The world needs Angels Like you

Mel said...

Well Lexi, beautiful post as always (taking time to smell the roses is ALWAYS a good thing) but far out how lovely is the above comment!? See what you do for people! Enjoy that sunshine sweets x

Home Girl said...

being at home with the kids i also like to wander and chat to the neighbours. have found the older ones tend to have the time and often will be the only people patient enough to try and make out what the toddler is saying - its quite a thrill for a little one to communicate with someone other than mum.